Dividing Auto Maintenance Bays With Industrial Curtains

As spring turns into summer, the

auto maintenance repair industry

generally sees an increase in the number of vehicles, both cars and trucks, coming through the garage doors and into their auto maintenance bays. Typically loaded with a great number of general auto maintenance requests, a vehicle repair shop that is dedicated automobile maintenance needs to separate processes at times to improve efficiency. A good workflow process can be achieved with retractable industrial curtains that can temporarily open an area up, as needed. See how car repair enclosures and general auto repair divider curtains can improve workflow for standard auto maintenance and repair shops.

Autobody Repair Curtains For General Maintenance

With general automotive repairs dominating over 85% of the industry, it is no wonder that vehicle repair shops require some sort of organization in their valuable floor space. General repairs can include: diagnostics, rebuilds, fuel injection cleaning, brake services, timing belt changes, tune-ups, clutches, and many other services. Since these repairs are required as routine maintenance for all vehicles, the industry has repeat customers that have the potential of coming back for all of their vehicle maintenance needs. They will not only go back to car/truck repair shops that offer great repair services and attention to customers, but also have a neat, professional work environment. Vehicle repair curtains can be used to hide messier parts of the shop. An added benefit to an auto repair divider curtain is that different vehicle bays and/or repair processes can be turned into general car repair enclosures that will separate maintenance bays from the rest of the shop. Autobody repair curtains are made with an easy-to-clean, durable industrial grade vinyl and the curtain walls can also include vision panels for easy viewing from one area to another in the shop.

Automotive Transmission / Exhaust Repair Enclosures

For hydraulic, electronic, and computer systems for transmission repair and exhaust repairs, vehicle and car repair enclosures around the transmission / exhaust bays are necessary in order to divide the frequent repair requests from the more costly maintenance repairs. Vehicle repair enclosures are made using industrial vinyl curtains and can include floor sweeps, that negotiate a slope or stem airflow under the autobody repair curtains. Providing a dedicated vehicle repair enclosure that will not be impacted by elements, debris, or miscellaneous objects from other maintenance bays helps to ensure that quality work can be achieved.

Other Auto Maintenance Repairs: Auto Maintenance Curtains

For repairs that are less frequently requested such as: tune-ups, automotive electrical repair, fuel system conversion, battery and ignition repair, radiator repair, and alternator / starter repair; autobody repair curtains can separate the area from the rest of the shop, especially while working on repairs that may be more disheveled than other repair bays may be. The car repair curtains can be used to hide one area from another to make it more attractive to transient customers. Providing a professional repair shop appearance as well as a functional division between the areas is important to employee safety as well as showing your customers that the quality of work and repair procedures is what separates them from the competition!

However you decide to divide your general auto maintenance bays, AmCraft has a custom industrial curtain solution that will provide your shop with the functionality and division of space that you need. You can choose your own color, add a logo (or several logos) if you would like, and work around existing structures and layouts, as needed. Call our technical specialists today for assistance with your project at 847-439-4565 or email us at sales@amcraftonline.com.

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