The Benefits of Industrial Curtain Enclosures

When you’re managing a large facility or warehouse, different projects can often benefit from being separated into their own designated work areas. One convenient way to accomplish this is by implementing curtain wall enclosures. There are a few common configurations for curtain wall enclosures, and if you are interested in implementing these in your workplace, it can be helpful to learn the differences and benefits that each one offers.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Enclosures

Floor-to-ceiling enclosures create what is essentially a closed-off room or work area, and are the most economical curtain enclosure option. They can be configured to work around existing lighting or fire detection fixtures. Therefore, they are safe to use as complete enclosures.

Additionally, floor-to-ceiling enclosures utilizes your existing ceiling and can accommodate most obstructions. These enclosures can be constructed to meet your size requirements, can include as many entry/exit points as you need and the sides of the enclosure can be made to retract or remain stationary.

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2. Suspended Soft Wall Enclosures

The next option is a suspended soft wall enclosure. These enclosures have a suspended metal grid designed to support a soft ceiling cover. One of the key benefits of this type of an enclosure is the option to choose a location against a wall or in a corner that works best with the configuration of your workspace. Suspended soft wall enclosures also enables you to incorporate a sliding industrial track system or a fixed mounting system depending on the solution that best fits your needs.

3. Freestanding Enclosures

Freestanding enclosures provides you with optimal flexibility in choosing a location to install them anywhere within your facility. Although these enclosures are free standing and floor-supported, additional support may be needed from the floor or ceiling depending on the size of the enclosure. They are available with retractable or stationary side wall mounting systems and they have a partially suspended support grid which provide the option of adding a flexible vinyl ceiling cover.

Industrial curtain wall enclosures are not only beneficial for isolating areas within your workspace, but are also a great solution to: reduce noise, block light and/or dust, meet NESHAP compliance for auto body shops, minimize air flow, enhance temperature control. Additionally, the enclosures are manufactured using quality materials, making them a great choice for many different industrial environments.

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