Best Uses for Light, Medium & Heavy Insulated Industrial Curtains

The versatility of

insulated industrial curtains

is such that many warehouses, businesses, and large scale facilities use them – there’s a good chance you have seen then before. Because of this versatility, it makes them a good choice for a wealth of different applications that require climate control, storage of temperature sensitive products, or other applications. There are different levels of insulation available – light, medium, and heavy. But if you don’t know which would be the best for your application, it’s easy to find out.

Light Insulation

Light insulation curtains are best for 10 to 15 degree temperature differentials – in other words, they’re best for separating areas that do not have a drastic difference in temperatures. Light insulation industrial curtains are commonly used for produce storage, heating or cooling zone barriers, dock separation, and climate-controlled storage. Though these are not as heavily insulated as other curtains, their effectiveness at stopping air movement is significant, with the proper edge sealing techniques / options utilized along with the insulated curtain system. Light insulation curtains have an R-value of R-4. R-value is the measure of heat resistance through a given material.

A single layer curtain will provide you with an R value of 1, yet will efficiently eliminate air flow when used with edge sealing options.

Medium Insulation

If you need a higher temperature differential for your insulated warehouse curtains, AmCraft’s medium insulation curtains are ideal. With R-values of R-8 to R-15, the insulation level is ideal for areas with a temperature differential of 15 to 25 degrees. Up to an R-value of 12, medium insulation curtains can be made in a retractable design, allowing for built-in temperature zoning flexibility – another key benefit of medium insulation curtains. Edge sealing is an important factor in the curtains’ effectiveness. A few of the most common uses for these products include pharmaceutical product storage, floral product storage, beverage distribution, and temperature sensitive products.

Heavy Insulation

Heavily insulated curtains have R-values of R-15 to R-27, and are anywhere from 2.5” to 4.5” thick. They provide up to 40 degrees of temperature differential, and are often used for cold storage applications, including non-frozen food storage, cooler separation, and other temperature sensitive food processing applications. The temperature separation range for AmCraft’s heavy insulation curtains is from 25 to 40 degrees difference, and when constructed with the proper thickness and edge sealing, the R-value of an industrial curtain can be a more effective insulation barrier than a permanently constructed wall. They are not retractable; however, they are moveable and reconfigurable, as needed.
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