Calling All Industrial Suppliers & Contractors!

AmCraft Manufacturing aims to be a resource for all of its distributors; we are calling on all

industrial warehouse suppliers and contractors

to be a part of our distributor team. We call it a team because we work with our curtain distributors to provide solutions to everyday customer issues. We give our valued industrial curtain distributors the tools and knowledge to market, sell, and distribute high quality products to a wide spectrum of different industries.

Some of the industries that may be an ideal fit for our industrial curtain distributorship are:

  • Material Handling Companies
  • Autobody Shop Equipment Suppliers
  • HVAC Contractors
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Industrial Warehouse Suppliers
    …and more!

As a member of the AmCraft industrial curtain distributor team, a company will have the following items available to them:

  • Marketing Materials, printed or electronic documents
  • Technical Support, both printed and live
  • Product Samples
  • Price List
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Material Handling Companies

Often times, material handling companies visit facilities, plants, and warehouses of customers and have the ability to assess the structural layout for recommended equipment installations. During these site visits, customers and material handling advisors alike may observe required divisions within a large, open workspace. This can be an open floor plan for an office, an 80,000 square foot warehouse, loading docks, or other areas. Solid wall construction may not be an option within the budget and the timeline. AmCraft provides the necessary tools and technical support to successfully sell and distribute our different industrial curtain products to your customers!

Auto Body Shop Equipment Suppliers

Auto body shop suppliers provide different auto shops, from large franchises to local garages, with the equipment they need to run the business. Many times, body shops require a flexible partition between areas to separate different work functions. Our durable, high quality products and attention to customer service lays the groundwork for which an autobody equipment supplier can expand their existing product offerings to include AmCraft’s industrial curtain walls.

What’s In It For Me?

Being a warehouse curtain wall distributor for AmCraft Manufacturing has many benefits. We give your company an additional, high quality product line to recommend to customers. AmCraft provides distributors with price lists and instructions to quote potential customers quickly and efficiently without having to get pricing from AmCraft first.

Industrial curtains can be used in a variety of different workplace settings and offer a solution to many of your potential customers. AmCraft is a custom fabricator of industrial sound curtain products, insulated industrial curtain products, and single-layer curtain options, with several additional options depending on the application. Industrial warehouse suppliers are aware of the need and are prepared to further enhance a customer’s experience by being a “one stop shop” across a diverse spectrum of industries and applications. Some examples of these industries and/or applications are:

  • Warehouse Division
  • Office Division
  • Recreational / Sports / Concert Venues
  • Autobody Paint Shops
  • Cosmetics Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Welding And Fabrication
  • Temperature and Climate Control
  • Reverb and Noise Reduction

… bring us your customer requirements, we’ll give you the information needed to provide a solution!

Our technical specialists are available via online chat, email, phone, and fax to discuss additional details or answer questions our industrial curtain wall distributors may have. Please give us a call at 847-439-4565 or email us at for more information on becoming a member of AmCraft’s industrial curtain distributor team.