How Can Warehouse Curtains Benefit Your Auto Shop?

In auto body and repair shops, there are often jobs that require special attention with regard to either containing individual work bays or keeping airborne particles from polluting the rest of the shop. One helpful method of separation is to install

warehouse curtains

in your auto shop. These curtains are specifically made for industrial use and can be made to fit any space you need. Using enclosure curtains helps protect workers, and with flame-rated and HAZMAT-safe materials, these curtains can be a great addition to an auto shop.

Keep Dust, Paint, and Water Where They Belong

Using curtains to separate work areas helps keep your shop clean and neat: dust, oil, paint, water, and other debris are kept contained within the enclosures. Using warehouse curtains to protect areas from outdoor elements can lend more flexibility to your workspace. You can also implement clear strip curtain in your shop, which provide egress (or passthroughs) for direct access into areas with equipment or vehicles while still effectively separating work areas. Because the standard option is clear, these panels allow for easily viewing activities on the other side of the curtain without opening it.

Conform to NESHAP Regulations with Warehouse Curtains

If you work in an auto shop that uses paint or other hazardous pollutants, you’ll need to comply with NESHAP regulations. The regulations set forth by the EPA state that in addition to using booth filters with 98% capture efficiency for paint booth exhaust systems, shops must us paint overspray booths to enclose the area.

This is where the use of warehouse curtains comes in. Creating a paint booth is easy: create a freestanding area or build off of existing walls. Auto shop curtains come with tops and built-in, filtered, make up air panels, and can be customized with logos, letterings, warnings, or other graphics to best suit their application within your shop. You can also install mounting systems to create either a stationary or retractable curtain system.

Auto shop work, by nature, is grimy. Help keep your shop clean and in great condition by installing warehouse curtains, both for paint booths and for general separation of workspaces. AmCraft offers a variety of different warehouse and industrial curtain systems. For more information or to learn about what would best suit your location, contact us today at 847-439-4565 or email us at

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