Car Wash Curtains & Autobody Shop Curtains

AmCraft manufactures custom

Car Wash Curtains and Autobody Shop Curtains

to your specific requirements. Our industrial vinyl curtains are fabricated using 18 oz pvc vinyl material that has sewn seams at the top, bottom and each side of the curtain. Our Car Wash PVC vinyl curtains are manufactured in custom or standard sizes, typically 8ft, 10ft or 12ft high to any length you need. The curtains are made in panel lengths that fit small and large areas and can be fitted to create an enclosure (with a ceiling top if needed) to comply with government regulations on worker safety.

AmCraft Car Wash curtains are fabricated using quality vinyl materials that are easy to clean, mildew resistant, has anti-static properties, are anti-microbial and are fire safe and hazmat applicable.

Car Wash curtains are typically mounted to a ceiling or structural beams with galvanized steel roller track systems. Our Steel Roller Track System is custom fitted to hang these heavy curtains in order to prevent sagging as well as provide support for the curtain weight. Steel Roller Track Systems are used to provide a retractable curtain that fits your space for any need and flexibility in its use.

Our knowledge and experience in designing overspray, work bay, wash bay and car wash curtains offers many options and solutions to any workspace requirement. Call us with any questions or for a sample of our materials. Our wide range of colors, vision panels, mounting options and track systems will not only give you a well functioning clean work area, but one that looks great too!

Our customer service is exceptional! Call us with any questions you have at 847-439-4565.

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