Clear Industrial Curtains

AmCraft Clear Industrial Curtains are a great option for dividing a large warehouse space where visibility is important. Food processing plants and wash bays use clear industrial curtains to divide rooms and workstations. Areas that use a clear vinyl curtain not only contain airborne contaminants and control temperature zones, but the visibility provides better management of workers, a well lit work environment, and more control of what happens inside the curtain area. Worker safety is another important factor in choosing a clear industrial curtain to divide or enclose your work space.

Clear Curtain Walls for Industrial Applications

Clear curtain walls are available with all of the features of other industrial applications that use color panels or light blocking materials. Clear Vinyl Curtain Walls are fabricated anyway you want it, with color trim (to match your environment) and in any size and room configuration. Our seams are sewn for durability, whether it is a free hanging ceiling mounted clear industrial curtain or is attached to floor brackets to offer more stability and less movement from air flow, the seams reduce tearing and damage from abrasion.

Clear Industrial Curtain Material Choices

The clear PVC industrial curtain is available in 12mil , 20mil or 40mil vinyl, and are custom fabricated to your layout requirements. USDA Clear wash down curtains typically are constructed of the heavier 40mil industrial clear vinyl curtain material and is used in most food processing plants. The lighter weight materials are most often used in warehouses or any separated area that requires visibility through all or part of a contained area.

Additions to our Clear Industrial Curtain Wall:

  • Steel roller and ceiling mounted track systems
  • Clear PVC strip doors create entryways
  • Floor sweeps or floor brackets to reduce movement
  • Logo printing is available
  • Sewn edges for a finished, durable curtain
  • Materials are resistant to wash down chemicals
  • FDA fire resistant materials
  • USDA material for use in food processing plants
  • PVC material is easy to clean
  • Standard & custom sizes are available
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