Climate Curtains & Temperature Curtains for Warehouse Spaces

Climate curtains for warehouse spaces provide an effective divider wall for rooms that require consistent climate control. Many times climate control curtains are the solution to containing and controlling cold air temperatures within a large facility. Cold storage warehouses and cold storage facilities offer a temperature controlled environment to their customers. This environment is essential for the protection and stability of many types of packaged goods. Temperature curtains are the same as climate curtains, they are a curtain barrier for controlling temperatures within a curtain wall section or a curtain enclosure.

The main purpose for using climate curtains is to contain temperature to a specific requirement. When the temperature needs to be very cold, such as in a cooler, freezer unit or freezer / refrigerated trucks for shipping goods, it is best to use insulated climate curtain panels. The insulation sewn into the curtain panels offer a better barrier to containing cold air than a vinyl curtain panel. Heavy vinyl curtain walls have thin insulate sewn into the curtains and are used to separate space, maintain temperature zones within a section of a large room, or when used to build an enclosure. The best climate curtain for your needs is determined by the application use and product requirements for temperature control.

Temperature control using climate curtains and temperature curtains is an important function for manufacturing, storage, food processing and food management, loading docks and other needs for indoor and outdoor applications. An industrial climate control curtain provides a long lasting and effective solution to many warehouse spaces. Climate curtains are also used for other indoor and outdoor applications that require some level of temperature control. Whether used to protect products and goods, control temperature costs or as a barrier from indoor and outdoor influence, Climate Curtains offer an effective and cost efficient way to manage your work space.

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