Construction Wars: The Battle for Prime Warehouse Space

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing industry that requires vast amounts of warehouse space. The growth trajectory is expected to continue with approximately 95 percent of purchases expected to be made in the ecommerce space by 2040, according to 99firms.

The warehousing industry is responding to the increased need (thousands of new facilities have opened over the past 12 years), but that growth is still struggling to keep up with the demand, according to Supply Chain Dive. Why is warehouse space so difficult to find, and how can businesses find the storage solutions they need to thrive?

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The Shrinking Availability of Space

With ecommerce giants like Amazon taking up a sizeable chunk of the available warehouse space, companies are finding the logistics of storage increasingly competitive. This is particularly true in crowded, high-demand markets like cities. Urban centers are already crowded, and carving out space for new commercial operations like warehouses can mean stiff competition to find available space, rezoning, and other development hurdles. As a result, the process of bringing available space to these markets is often slow and expensive.

When companies do find their space, the price can be high. The price of leasing warehouse space has significantly increased in recent years, in some places even doubled, according to Digital Commerce 360.

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Building New Options

Building more space is one solution to the lack of warehousing options or adding on to an existing space. Construction projects, of course, take time and significant investment to complete, while companies are in dire need of a solution now. While new construction is inevitable, considering that demand for space will only continue to grow, businesses need a flexible solution that can be easily implemented on a short timeline.

Flexible Alternatives

Third-party logistics is a growing industry, thanks to industry demand. Companies are outsourcing warehousing to free up their own space and streamline their supply chains. Major companies, like Walmart, are using on-demand warehousing platforms that essentially operate as pop-up spaces, according to The Wall Street Journal.

These third-party services are a strong contender for companies that do not have their own storage infrastructure. But, these 3PL and on-demand companies have the same challenges as companies that do handle storage in-house. How can the existing storage space be used for the maximum benefit?

Many companies are learning how to repurpose existing storage space to handle the constant influx of goods across varying industries. Warehouse curtains can create effective divisions of space in storage facilities. More flexible and less expensive than installing fixed walls, warehouse divider curtains can create enclosed areas for different products and warehouse operations.

AmCraft’s industrial warehouse curtains provide solutions for blocking light, dust control, temperature management, and more. The PVC vinyl material of the curtains are durable and easy to clean, important features for the busy operations of the warehouse space. Warehouses that need a more fixed division of space solution can opt for stationary curtains, while warehouses in need of more flexibility can opt for the installation of retractable curtains. AmCraft allows even more room for customization with the option to select opaque curtains or curtains with vision panels. Businesses are also able to select the curtain color to match their facility’s branding.

If your business is looking for a solution with a faster lead time, AmCraft also offers stock industrial curtains, a standardized solution that meets a wide range of needs in the warehousing industry.

The needs of a warehousing space often change to keep up with the needs of customers. If your business is moving to a different space, your curtains (unlike stationary walls) can come with you and be configured to the new facility. Curtains can also be helpful if your space is in the process of a construction build out and in need of temporary workplace divisions.

Create your curtain today and experience why AmCraft’s selection of industrial curtain walls are a cost-effective solution for your warehouse space.