Create the Perfect Industrial Curtain for your Application

Let AmCraft show you how to create the perfect industrial curtain for your application in the workplace. First we’ll need to determine if you need to solve a temperature control or contamination problem in your facility. There are many options for you to design a containment barrier or enclosure from industrial curtains to protect workers, equipment or stock inventories. Finding the right solution requires an understanding of what you need to do vs. what you can do. To begin, you’ll need to take a good look at the structural ceiling of your facility.

Single Wall Industrial Curtain

If you have a problem with air flow in the building, try to establish its origins. If there is excessive air flow related to outside influences you may only need to block the air flow at the source. This can be done with a single wall industrial curtain mounted to a door frame or structural ceiling at docking doors, or around places where air conditioning is being used to cool an area. Either way, a simple, single wall industrial curtain can be used to not only block air flow, but can act as a barrier to prevent contamination by debris in and around work areas. A single wall curtain can be installed to structural ceiling members as a stationary wall, a retractable curtain wall, or the curtain can be attached to a frame offering you mobility and flexibility to use it wherever and whenever you need it.

Typical mounting options for industrial curtains to structural ceilings is a threaded rod track system that is mounted to ceiling joists or structural beams. If mounting to a ceiling poses a problem, such as weak support members or the curtain would be too large for your need, you can mount the threaded rod to the wall using a wall bracket to create an effective enclosure.

Two or Three Wall Curtain Barriers

Larger areas that need containment either from debris, vapors, odors, overspray or other manufacturing activities require a larger footprint. A wall barrier can be made with stationary industrial curtains to act as a type of structural wall used to create a new room. It is less expensive to install a two or three wall curtain barrier than building structural walls in your facility. Adding industrial curtains as walls provide a barrier that limits exposure to contamination, and are a great way to isolate areas for temperature control. This containment model provides an easy way to create a room within a larger space. And, the cost savings generated by controlling temperature specific zones as opposed to larger areas can quickly recoup the cost of the curtain structure.
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Industrial Curtain Enclosures

When it is necessary to provide isolation of products or specific activities in the workplace, an industrial curtain enclosure is the best option to provide full containment. An enclosure can be built to a specific room size, containment requirements and accessibility needs. An enclosure can be two, three or four walls that can incorporate some existing structural walls, or use industrial curtain walls entirely. A containment enclosure can be achieved by mounting curtains directly to structural ceiling joists or beams. Surrounding open areas and obstructions are covered with a valance, or you can add a separate vinyl ceiling top. Suspension hardware is used to support a suspended ceiling top, or wall mounting hardware can be used to attach the curtains to structural walls.

A flexible, custom fit vinyl top can be the perfect solution to containing temperature or debris to the inside or outside of an enclosure. The ability to scale an enclosure to a specific space for a specific need is not only cost effective to build, but can include additional cost savings and energy reduction benefits.

Industrial Curtains Are Used In Many Industries

Industrial curtains are used for many applications of containment, act as a barrier wall, to create an enclosure or modular system in a variety of industries. The 14 oz pvc material is fire rated and hazmat safe, making it not only useful, but also provides protection for the many needs in automotive, industrial, manufacturing, food processing and ecology applications. Industrial curtains are easy to clean and are resistant to mildew, rot, chemicals, vapors and other contamination that can occur in and around a curtain wall. AmCraft also manufactures insulated industrial curtains to offer control of differential temperature zones, and acoustic curtains to provide a sound barrier for unsafe noise levels being generated inside a large facility.

You can be the designer of a new industrial curtain by going online to Create My Curtain. Add containment options that will achieve full functionality for your purpose. You can choose from a variety of colors and mounting options to not only provide the right fit, but you can also enhance your brand with logo printing. Try it Today!