Creating a Comfortable Workspace: A Curtain Wall Enclosure Case Study

In order to create and define work space within an open facility setting (such as a warehouse), companies can do one of two things: either construct a solid wall or install

a curtain wall enclosure.

With a solid wall, there is a substantial design and lead time for the build and it is non-configurable. But with a curtain partition enclosure, it is a reconfigurable setup that can work with any existing structures for a fraction of the cost. In one case study, a company wanted to create a containment area of approximately 4,500 square feet within a 30,000 square foot building. Here is how it was done using a curtain divider enclosure solution.

Customer Needs to Contain a Work Area

The customer approached AmCraft with their containment project. The facility had a large space in which they wanted to section off an area as a division from the rest of the warehouse facility. The general purpose of this area was to utilize a partition curtain enclosure to create a sizable workspace for employees that also housed an air conditioning unit. This containment area was approximately 50’ x 90’ in size. The suspension of this curtain enclosure divider system was one of their primary concerns, as the existing ceiling supports were older and may not be able to carry the weight on its own. Of course, with every project comes its obstacles, but with attention to detail on the customization of the divider curtain enclosure and a little innovation, this possibility became reality.

The Containment Area Design Process

With careful preliminary design planning for the dividing curtain enclosure as well as expert advice given to the customer on building around existing structural elements within the warehouse, the customer gained the technical know-how to be able to custom build an aluminum frame. This frame would provide extra rigidity to the curtain walls of the enclosure and reduce the load weight of the curtain enclosure system on the older ceiling supports. The customer welded the aluminum U-channels / extrusions to the track, which connected the curtain divider enclosure to the ceiling. The custom-designed aluminum structure became an additional support system for the partition wall enclosure and further stabilized the frame by adding vertical channels every 22 feet of width.

The curtain’s top edge was sealed off by filler panels and valances which attached to the ceiling, further customizing the enclosure by building around obstructions ( such as piping, trusses, etc.) which are typical of an industrial warehouse setting. The customizations were made on-site, and installation was provided by an in-house maintenance team.

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The Show “Room”: An Overall Impression

As soon as the curtain wall enclosure was installed and the workspace within the industrial facility was defined, prospective/current customers of the company who toured their facilities complimented the containment area, making remarks on how unique the curtain enclosure is and how it was nothing like they had ever seen before. This curtain partition enclosure system made quite the impression!

At a fraction of the cost, lead time, and construction period, this curtain partition containment area not only provides the same benefits of a solid, constructed wall, but also a professional look to curtain division from the rest of the space which can be reconfigured, as needed. In many cases, this system can be installed as normal business operations continue! This extraordinary and custom approach to curtain wall enclosure systems paves the way for the future of construction, providing a solution for containing an area that is low maintenance, allows for easy retraction to open up the space, and can be used in many different settings.

Further customization to an enclosure system can include company logos, insulation factors, food grade approved materials, acoustically rated curtain panels, heat treatments, anchoring straps, Velcro and/or magnet curtain connections, large scale dividers (such as hangar bay curtains), and many other options. It all depends on what the purpose of your curtain wall enclosure will be and how you would like your curtain to look.

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