Curtain Divider Walls for Industrial Applications

AmCraft manufactures

curtain divider walls for industrial applications

such as separating warehouse space, containing temperature zones in distribution facilities and wash bay, work bay enclosures. Many companies look for an inexpensive way to maximize floor space for a variety of reasons. Some equipment requires protection from dust and debris in order to function properly. Manufacturing processes require a clean environment when fabricating goods and for the safety of workers. Curtain Divider Walls are an easy, flexible way to separate space and create enclosed areas within a large facility.

Curtain Divider Walls from AmCraft Manufacturing are used to separate work areas to accommodate temperature variances within a warehouse space. Curtain Divider Walls protect product, employees and equipment from extreme cold, heat, humidity, wind and outdoor elements from dock door openings. Curtain Dividers also manage air flow patterns for better containment of air conditioning systems for better energy efficiency and cost control.

Curtain Divider Walls can be used to create an enclosure for softwall cleanroom applications. Valances are custom installed on site to create a perfect fit from the ceiling to the curtain mounting system. Most applications for curtain and divider walls are used with steel roller track systems for easy accessibility into the curtain divided work area. Roller Track systems are easily removed for remounting to another location and expanding your existing curtain wall or enclosure. Many times air filtration systems are installed inside a curtain divider enclosure to maintain clean air and temperature requirements. These curtain divider walls provide effective containment from temperature variances, debris contamination and provide control of air flow patterns.

An Industrial Curtain Wall is used as a divider wall for these purposes. Curtain walls are less restrictive and less costly to install than other rigid or constructed walls. Curtain divider walls are made to fit any industrial space and are customizable with window and door options in colors to match your facility.

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