Differences Between Acoustic Curtain Panels

Acoustic industrial curtain panels are made to reduce noise and sound reflection between areas and/or within a large space. For example, they can be used to shield employees from loud machinery within a factory or reduce echo in a recreational venue. Sometimes, various options work together to provide industries optimal noise blocking and reverb reduction qualities. There are a few

different types of acoustic curtain panels

, so if you’re considering using them, it’s important to know the differences between the different types.

Noise Control Enclosure Curtains

Noise control curtains are fully enclosed systems for “roping off” sound and containing it within a certain area. They can be used to keep noise from entering of a workspace area, as well. They can be hung from the ceiling, on a track system, or directly onto the walls, and are available as stationary acoustic panels or retractable sound curtains. Retractable curtains allow the area to be opened up when the curtain is not in use, and closed for when the noise source requires containment. Users can employ one, two, or three existing walls for their noise control enclosure curtain system, or choose to utilize a freestanding system (limited heights available – contact us today for more information).

Acoustic Baffle Systems

Acoustic baffle systems are made to reduce the amount of echo and reverberation within a large space. Excessive noise can be a detriment to overall operations – audience comfort at an entertainment venue, worker productivity, and overall health, just to name a few. With hearing loss being one of the most frequently reported work injuries in the United States, it’s essential to corral high levels of noise to prevent things like headaches, high blood pressure, tinnitus, and other medical issues. Acoustic baffle systems are sound-absorbing, and help to reduce reverberations and sound reflection. They can be placed in multiple zones and configurations in an effort to redirect and absorb sound and echo. This is especially helpful for low frequency, high decibel sound sources, as they are the most difficult to reduce and the most common frequency/decibel combination across many industries.

Sound Barrier Wall Panels

While baffle systems are usually smaller and in multiple places, sound barrier wall panels are quickly assembled and provide complete walls for reducing noise from one area to the next. When AmCraft constructs sound barrier curtains, both sound-absorbing and sound-blocking technologies are used for optimal effectiveness. With proper application of sound barrier panels, it’s possible to lower the sound level to a comfortable noise level on the other side of the partition. AmCraft offers noise-reducing sound barriers in different construction types to provide different levels of noise control, based on your application and industry. Unlike acoustic baffle systems, which merely absorb the noise (in its most basic construction), sound barrier wall panels will absorb the sound wavelengths and greatly reduce the decibel level.

If you have any questions regarding acoustic curtains, wall panels, enclosures or baffles, contact AmCraft today at 847-439-4565 or email sales@amcraftonline.com.

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