Why and How to Divide a Space with Industrial Curtain Walls

If you work in or manage/own a warehouse or garage space, you know the challenges associated with keeping jobs properly contained. Whether you’re working on vehicles, painting them, or doing anything else within the location, chances are separating out some of the space could be beneficial to your business.


The “why” of separating industrial spaces is simple – these spaces can be in disarray and can be very loud. Industrial curtain walls provide a simple solution for sectioning off areas to keep grime and substances, like paint spray or oil particles, contained. Additionally, work within a warehouse or garage can be noisy to the point of distracting other workers. Installing curtain walls is a good way to keep that at bay and allow everyone to work to their fullest capabilities. Separating spaces using industrial curtains can also be beneficial for your energy bills, if you cool parts of the building but not others. Dividing spaces can help you further customize where your various utilities, such as air conditioning or even lighting, are used. Even better, separating garages using curtains means that you can repurpose or reorganize the layout virtually anytime you want, since the setup is not permanent.


The process of installing industrial curtains depends on what type of system you want. There are several different types of track systems, but mainly you need to decide what type of curtain wall you’d like to use – industrial curtain walls, insulated curtain walls, or acoustic curtains. Industrial curtain walls are versatile and can be used in many different areas besides garages and warehouses and can be beneficial when used as:

  • Photography backdrops
  • Heavy duty outdoor curtains
  • Paint booth curtains
  • Food storage
  • Food grade curtains
  • Autobody shop curtains

As for insulated curtain walls, these are ideal for sectioning off areas that are kept at different temperatures—such as warehouses that deal with food storage.

Acoustic curtains are most beneficial for loud areas in which sound containment can help boost the area’s efficiency and/or help meet compliance for noise regulations.

Once you choose the type of curtain you need—dependent on what you’ll be using them for—you’ll have an easy time figuring out how to install them within your workspace. If you need help figuring out what equipment you’ll need for installation, the associates at AmCraft Manufacturing will be happy to help you find the perfect fit.

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