Acoustic Sound Barriers

Acoustic sound barriers

block the frequency levels of unwanted sound is very important relative to designing effective sound control panels. If you are considering purchasing an acoustic sound barrier or sound curtain you may want to rent a sound meter that will help you determine the frequency level of the noise in the area. This noise level measurement will determine the level of sound blocking absorption that you will need. To maximize sound blockage for an area, we manufacture acoustic sound barriers and panels to include mass loaded vinyl in its construction. This provides the greatest noise reduction but also tends to make the curtains and panels heavier and less flexible.

For an acoustic curtain or acoustic sound barrier application, we recommend a track system designed to support the additional weight and provide flexibility in moving or retracting the curtains within the workspace. Mass loaded Acoustic Panels can be attached to walls, equipment, trucks, etc with various support hardware options.

Insulated Curtains and Insulated Sound Barrier Panels are lighter and easier to use, but also offer less noise reduction than the mass loaded vinyl option. Visit the Acoustic Curtains section of our website to view photos and find additional information to determine the best option of acoustic sound barriers and panels for your business.

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