Everything You Need to Know About AmCraft’s New Product Catalog

Earlier this year, AmCraft Manufacturing released their new industrial curtain wall catalog featuring a wide array of custom products including: Single Layer Curtains, Thermo-Block Insulated Curtains and Acoustic Curtain Walls and Baffles. The catalog also showcases the available track and hardware mounting systems, along with accessories that can be incorporated to truly customize your curtain wall installation.

One of the key benefits of the new product catalog is that it is digitally enhanced, which creates a very interactive experience. AmCraft wanted to provide a way for their customers and future customers alike to have the opportunity to view the various applications that their curtain products are used for, explore the features and benefits of each product and then have the ability to “create your curtain” with just a click of the button within the catalog itself.

AmCraft’s industrial curtain wall catalog can also be downloaded as a PDF should you need to print it. However, the digital nature of the catalog makes it perfect for sharing by simply sending the intended recipient a link to the catalog via email.

There are other cool elements incorporated into the AmCraft product catalog, including a time-lapse video of an actual curtain wall installation. However, the overall take away from customers viewing the new catalog is that the care and attention to detail placed into the construction of each industrial curtain wall is quite apparent. Crafting each and every industrial curtain wall in their own US-based manufacturing facility, gives AmCraft the quality control they require to ensure their customers’ overall satisfaction.

Amcraft catalog

If you’re not at all familiar with AmCraft’s exacting standards for manufacturing high quality industrial curtain products, then within the pages of the new catalog you are invited to explore the differences between AmCraft’s quality versus their competitors.

Check out the new industrial curtain product catalog for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

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