The Extreme Life of Industrial Curtain Walls

Most people would agree that every product has its limitations. Industrial curtain walls are no exception to that rule. Industrial curtains are a very durable option for dividing and insulating a work space. They are made of vinyl, which makes them waterproof and can easily handle somewhat rougher environments. Industrial curtains can withstand being cleaned on a regular basis which makes maintenance almost worry free.

Extreme Weather Industrial Curtains

However, as durable as they may be, there are still situations that an industrial curtain wall is not made to survive. Try as you might to exercise your inner MacGyver and coax the curtain system to perform outside of the scope of its innate capabilities, using industrial curtain systems for extreme scenarios ultimately leads to an epic fail.

Here are a few extremes that you will most likely want to avoid if you are considering using an industrial curtain wall. Try these at your own risk…

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If you frequently work outdoors and would like a wind-free outdoor work environment in some place such as the Bahamas during hurricane season, then installing industrial curtain walls is not an ideal solution. Waterproof does not easily translate to hurricane proof. Industrial curtains are not made to withstand strong winds and outdoor environments. However, if you are feeling rather adventurous and confident that the industrial curtains will somehow defy the odds and stand up to the potentially harsh environment, then it’s important to note that industrial curtains used outdoors do not carry a warranty.


Even if your industrial curtain walls will be hung inside, their proximity to outdoor elements is still very important to consider. For instance, if your industrial curtain is located next to an overhead door, and that door is frequently opened, you will want to consider how cold your environment is. The clear vinyl used for industrial curtain walls is particularly prone to cracking in colder temperatures. So if you live in a colder state, such as New York, and plan to hang your industrial curtains close to a door or egress in the winter, you will want to be prepared for the effect it will have on the integrity and longevity of your industrial curtain.

High Heat

On the other side of the coin, high heat can cause issues such as tackiness, discoloration, and in extreme cases, melting of the PVC outer layers of the vinyl material. Facilities that work with processes such as powder coating, backing, and welding will want to carefully consider how hot their environment is before deciding to use a vinyl industrial curtain within their industrial application. 20 mil clear vinyl is made to withstand up to 100-120 Degrees Fahrenheit on an intermittent basis, while opaque laminated or coated vinyl is made to withstand up to 170 Degrees Fahrenheit on an intermittent basis. If the temperature is too hot or too prolonged, the effects of it on your industrial curtain enclosure will be noticeable.


There are many chemicals and compounds that will not be harmful to your industrial curtain. However, if you work with chemicals in your facility that will come in contact with your curtain wall system, then it is imperative to confirm if the chemical used is “industrial curtain friendly” prior to making a purchase. There are many variables to consider with chemical exposure, such as what chemical it is, its concentration, what form it is in, and how likely it is to come into direct contact with your industrial curtain. Depending on the above factors, there can be varying levels of harm caused to your industrial curtain product, including discoloration, decomposition, burning, and melting.

Before deciding to utilize an industrial curtain wall in your facility, it is important to consider the elements that it will be subjected to. Taking these factors into consideration will help to ensure that your industrial curtain system will lead a long, healthy, and productive life.

The industrial curtain wall professionals at AmCraft Manufacturing can guide you through the process of selecting the best curtain solution for your facility and provide expert advice on how to avoid taking your industrial curtain to the extreme. Contact AmCraft today!