Flame Resistant PVC Vinyl for Industrial Curtain Walls

AmCraft manufactures many of our flexible products using flame resistant pvc vinyl materials that meet one or more of the most widely used flame rating requirements. Since many flame ratings vary and are dictated by the governing fire authorities, we urge you to check with your local fire authority to determine if you will need fire proof vinyl, flame resistant vinyl or flame retardant vinyl material in the manufacture of your product.

Our 18 oz fire retardant vinyl polyester, mesh and fabric coated materials are a heavy weight that can handle heat and stress. These are typically used in applications such as safety protection in construction work sites, fire and police safety applications, gymnasiums, and industrial work zones to name a few. Many materials are water proof or water resistant as well, in case the application is used outdoors. We also offer 13 oz flame retardant materials for more light weight applications.

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The questions you will need to ask local fire authorities are:

  1. What is the minimal flame rating for soft goods (ie: vinyl, coated fabrics, etc.) that is needed to meet local fire code compliance?
  2. How must an industrial curtain and/or panel system interface with a sprinkler system or fire suppression system
  3. Before installation of a curtain and track system are there any other issues that need to meet safety code requirements?

Our Typical Flame Ratings are:

  • Meets MIL Spec C – 43 006 B
  • NFPA- 701
  • ASTM E- 84 (Class A)
  • 6P and C.P.S.I.A (7P) certified
  • Meets or Exceeds CSFM
  • Treated with DuraGuard (EPA registered anti-microbial agent)
  • Lead Levels below 100 ppm
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We offer a variety of material options and can provide you with flame certification and documentation should you need to supply that information to the fire authority. Call us and ask to speak to a technical sales representative or our engineering department for recommendations before you commit to a particular material.