Get a Room!
PVC Vinyl Enclosures

In a large space, whether it is a warehouse and/or industrial setting or a large, recreational venue, a

PVC vinyl enclosure

can create a room where there isn’t one. An industrial curtain enclosure is a perfect option to help you successfully divide workspace by application, process, or function. In the example below, a customized cleanroom enclosure is designed with exhaust air flow systems that will properly ventilate the enclosed area. Curtain wall enclosures can be attached to existing interior structural features, such as trusses, I-Beams, walls, wooden support beams, directly to ceilings, or all other mountable surfaces. See how AmCraft created “something” from “nothing” and assisted our customer in GETTING A ROOM.

Softwall Enclosures for Ventilated Room Requirements

A customer initially contacted AmCraft to provide a curtain wall enclosure with three points of access (and one alternate access point) that will not only seal off the area with wall and a ceiling, but will also include NESHAP compliant media filters integrated within the curtain to sustain the necessary airflow. In the design phase, careful attention was placed first to where items will be located in relation to a proper ventilation system. Working together, the customer and our technical specialists were able to create a cleanroom solution that prevents fumes, contaminants, and hazardous substances from escaping the curtain enclosure. With NESHAP-approved filters incorporated into the industrial curtain, this vinyl enclosure made of industrial curtain material provides the ability to keep the air quality as clean as possible.

Drop it Down: Suspending a Softwall Enclosure System

The customer needed the system to be configured in way that it would drop down from the ceiling. The curtain wall enclosure area required a mounting grid to attach the translucent PVC vinyl ceiling so the light fixtures above the ceiling could be utilized without compromising edge sealing of the vinyl enclosure itself. A steel mounting grid was suspended from the ceiling, and the track was attached to the grid, which created the enclosed space.

Walls Up: Creating the Clean Enclosure Area

What is Red, White, and clear in the center? This customer chose their colors, their options, and their area wisely! The finished product – a cleanroom enclosure – provides the necessary filtration needed to accommodate the customer’s ventilation systems.

Softwall enclosures made of flexible vinyl material provide a cost-efficient way to create enclosed cleanrooms that will work within most any industry and/or application. For more information on vinyl enclosures, contact one of our technical specialists to discuss your curtain wall enclosure requirements!

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