Hot Aisle & Cold Aisle Air Containment Curtains

Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Air Containment Curtains are widely used in Technology and Data Centers as a way to control air flow and temperature variances within an area that houses heat generating equipment. Aisle containment curtains are used to contain and control air flow in hot aisles, cold aisles or a combination of variant temperatures within a specific area. Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Air Containment Curtains can be utilized either as a retractable curtain to provide flexibility in its use, or can be installed to create a complete containment center that is air tight (enclosed) using its own independent air filtration system. Both options provide effective air flow and temperature management to specified areas within a room.
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AmCraft Containment Curtains

AmCraft Hot Aisle Air Containment Curtains and Cold Aisle Air Containment Curtains are manufactured from PVC vinyl in any custom length, height, color and layout requirement you need.

  • Fabricated using coated reinforced PVC vinyl which is NFPA-701 and CFM certified for flame resistance. (40 mil to 80 mil vinyl, 14oz and 18oz vinyl)
  • Vinyl materials have low outgassing properties
  • Static free, laser blocking, light blocking and blackout materials are available
  • Clear vinyl is welded into the center of a curtain to create an optional viewing window
  • Various options are available for creating an air tight seal of the curtain to floors, walls, ceilings, track systems and support structures.
  • Strip Doors provide easy personnel and forklift access
  • Hinged or sliding doors provide an air tight seal
  • Metal Frame Room Structures are custom built on site, curtains are installed
  • Insulated curtains offer increased temperature containment, noise containment and protection for equipment from extreme environments and exposure
  • Provides a softwall barrier between equipment for flexible room configurations

Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle containment Curtains can be used on a retractable track if the area does not need to have critical air containment. This will moderate temperature zones and air flow in a specific area and provide easy accessibility for personnel. Retractable Curtains on a roller track system can have a second curtain (valance) attached at the top of the track to provide increased air containment, temperature control and dust/particle containment.

In this photo, the track system is mounting to the ceiling and uses mounting hardware that is designed to melt at 130 degrees, which is a lower temperature than needed to activate a sprinkler alarm. Once melted, the clips allow the curtains to fall away so they don’t inhibit the fire sprinklers from doing their job.

An Air Containment Center that is to be fully contained usually requires its own filtration system to moderate air temperature and air quality for an area. After you have determined the proper filtration system, AmCraft will suggest a custom curtain solution for optimum effectiveness within the contained area.

Softwall Curtain Barriers for air containment provide an economical solution to building structural walls to contain an area. Our systems can be easily removed and remounted to add flexibility in its use anywhere in a facility.