Industrial Bug Nets for Warehouses

Let the fresh air in but keep the bugs out. Protect your business work areas from flying and invading bugs with

Industrial Bug Nets

from AmCraft Manufacturing.

AmCraft’s manufacturing facility is large enough to fabricate industrial insect screens to any size you need. Our Bug Netting and Citronella Strip curtains are especially useful for use in large warehouse spaces, warehouse dock doors, industrial and commercial buildings and aircraft hangars to name a few.

The industrial insect netting is made from heavy woven vinyl coated mesh polyester and is sewn finished with pvc vinyl edging and grommets or Velcro strips. All edging options provide fast attachment to walls, ceilings and equipment with a tight seal. Our industrial bug nets and screens are versatile; they can be easily attached directly to the wall and removed, mounted on a retractable suspension cable or used with a retractable roller track system, so you can use it only when you need it. AmCrafts Industrial bug nets can easily be removed and used only when needed. We also provide design assistance and installation services.

AmCraft’s Industrial Bug Nets can be manufactured to fit many existing ceiling and suspension track systems. The netting is lightweight and easy to store when not in use. Use the netting alone or sewn into a vinyl curtain wall or door. If insects are a persistent problem there are options available for year round use of the industrial bug nets. For instance, attaching nets to structural beams can create an indoor or outdoor enclosure to any size and scale. Use citronella bug strips for doorways to prevent insects coming into entryways. AmCraft’s vinyl industrial curtain walls are another option to controlling wind and adding weight to the industrial bug curtain.

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