Industrial Curtain Enclosure

An enclosure made with

Industrial curtains

are an economical and easy solution to separating large spaces. Many types of businesses require a room divider solution for their warehouse or other large space within a facility. Industrial curtain walls are usually mounted to the ceiling or ceiling trusses using sturdy roller track systems. This curtain track system allows the curtain panels to be retractable for easy entry and offers mobility in moving equipment in and out of the enclosure.

In this photo, sensitive digital printing equipment requires a controlled temperature environment as well as a clean, dust free space to function properly. Industrial Curtains isolate debris and airborne odors from the rest of the workspace, thus protecting the valuable equipment.

AmCraft curtain wall panels and track systems are removable and easy to install in another location, or can easily be expanded to serve future needs.

The flexibility and cost efficiency of industrial curtain and track for use as an indoor enclosure provides the best solution for many businesses that need to isolate areas for a specific need. An industrial curtain enclosure is a great option to installing expensive structural walls.

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