Industrial Curtain Inspiration from the Chicago Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is underway and those who are in attendance are enjoying exploring the latest car trends. However, the auto show is not just another leisure activity for hobbyists and car enthusiasts, for many it’s a source of inspiration. It serves as a spark to go back to the garage, the auto body shop, the warehouse or the manufacturing plant and create, rebuild or transform the next trend in the automotive industry.
The fresh ideas and excitement gleaned from the auto show can also serve as a great catalyst to inspire workspace transformation. If you’re an auto body shop owner or manager, you know the unique challenges that come with trying to set up your workspace for optimal efficiency. Because vehicles are made of metals, glass, plastic, and other materials, it’s important to have dedicated workspaces for each type of job you do in your auto body shop.
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One such way to ensure that jobs don’t contaminate other areas of your shop with chemicals, overspray, or other debris is by implementing auto body shop enclosures around your facility. Enclosures like these are made in a variety of materials and sold in a plethora of configurations. With the recent shift in auto body materials to the use of aluminum, there is an increasing need to include aluminum auto body shop enclosures within industrial workspaces.

Auto body shop curtains provide many different benefits for shop managers. They offer a versatile, convenient space for teams to work on projects that call for either safety from either contaminating the other work in the facility or projects that need protection from being contaminated.

Aluminum auto body shop enclosures are ideal for creating designated workspaces in your auto body shop, particularly where aluminum work is being done. These walls keep other metals, debris, dust, chemicals, and overspray from contaminating the job you’re working on, and having designated spaces for aluminum work is required by certain OSHA regulations. Just as the Chicago Auto Show serves as a great showcase for the latest in production, debut and concept vehicles, your workspace showcases your commitment to efficiency, quality and safety. Industrial curtains for use within the automotive industry helps to create an efficient workspace where the team can safely focus on production without compromising on quality.
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To learn more about aluminum auto body shop enclosures, how they can benefit your business or workspace, and how to install them in your auto body shop, contact AmCraft Manufacturing today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding body shop curtains and custom industrial curtain walls for other facilities.

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