Industrial Curtain Wall Channel stop curtains from ‘billowing out’

AmCraft devised a plastic industrial curtain wall channel that mounts to your wall to help control ‘swaying’ of the curtain from wind or indoor blower equipment. The Industrial Curtain Wall Channel stop curtains from ‘billowing out’, which is caused by the extreme height of an industrial curtain and the amount of sway that is produced from air movement within a facility.

Industrial roller track systems for industrial curtains many times have to contend with outside winds or indoor blowers that can affect how well the curtains control air flow and protect from debris and odors. An industrial curtain can be attached to the wall and used in a number of ways, which is determined by the amount of accessibility and air containment you will need when using your curtain.

Curtain Wall Channels are permanently mounted to a structural wall so the wind seal channel can stop the curtain from moving to far outward, and prevent it from’ billowing out’.

Loose, hanging curtains are inserted into the channel and left unattached to the channel or the walls for instant retractability of the the curtain.

The channel can also be used to bond the curtain more securely. This minimizes accessibility, but will provide more stability of the curtains.

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