Industrial Curtain Wall


Industrial Curtain Wall

is used in many industries as a way to separate space within a larger facility. Many times the division is necessary to control temperature zones. When used in a warehouse, an area is sectioned off to provide a cool space to store products that could be affected by continually changing temperatures and humidity. The industrial curtains contain air conditioned air to that space only, without having the expense of cooling a much larger area to the temperature required for that particular stock packaging. Industrial curtains can be ceiling mounted or mounted to structural beams to provide a fully contained enclosure.

In addition to controlling air temperature, industrial curtain walls are used to section off areas that require limited exposure to airborne contaminates, vapors and overspray. An industrial curtain wall can be used to contain these contaminates inside a work area, or can be used to prevent outside contamination from getting inside the area. The industrial curtain enclosure is flexible enough to use effectively in work areas and can be removed to relocate to another area if needed.

Industrial curtain walls are used in many industrial industries and for a variety of applications. AmCraft Industrial Curtains offer a wide range of colors to match your facility, standard and custom sizes, installed track options and fire rated materials.

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