Industrial Curtain Walls Are Not All Created Equal

At AmCraft, we are so thoroughly committed to manufacturing high quality industrial curtain walls, that sometimes we take it for granted that other industrial curtains on the market don’t adhere to our same high standards. When we sat down and analyzed our construction process stitch by stitch, we thought we would allow ourselves this one opportunity to “humble brag” about the quality of our curtain products so that our customers can recognize the differences between an industrial curtain wall constructed by AmCraft Manufacturing versus what the competition offers.

Industrial Curtains Manufactured Onsite in US Based Facility

One key takeaway is that each and every industrial curtain wall that we sell is manufactured in-house at our facility based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Why is this important and why should you care about where your curtain wall is produced?

Well, once you speak with one of our Industrial Curtain Wall Specialists about your specific requirements and go through the ordering process, your Curtain Specialist works directly with our production team to ensure that your industrial curtain wall is constructed based on the specifications outlined. Any questions that may arise during production are addressed swiftly and directly, not through a barrage of phone calls and emails, where small details can get lost in translation and cause unnecessary delays.


Industrial Curtain Walls Made to Order

Manufacturing our own industrial curtain walls, instead of ordering from a third party and essentially serving as the middle man, gives us more control over the types of materials we use, the overall quality of construction and the customizations that we often implement to account for the unique needs of our customers and their facilities. The attention to detail to our craft and the personal service that accompanies it, are the key things that sets us apart and is what many of our customers have come to know and love.
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No Compromising on Quality

Being this committed to producing high quality curtain walls that last does come with its own set of drawbacks. For one, our industrial curtains are not sold at rock-bottom discount prices. Although we do our best to remain competitive in our market, we realize that our curtain walls are not the cheapest in the industry due to our exacting quality measures. Our customers understand this as well and appreciate receiving durable industrial curtain walls that meet their needs.

Also, because we are not rushing to push sub-par curtain products out the door, customers may sometimes experience a lead time that is slightly longer than they are hoping for. Although this does not happen often, when it does, you can count on the AmCraft team, from your Curtain Specialist to the Production Manager along with our onsite Logistics Coordinator, to work together diligently on a plan of action to get your curtain manufactured and delivered as quickly as we can without compromising on quality.

We put together this side-by-side comparison to make it easier to spot the differences in quality between an AmCraft Manufacturing industrial curtain wall versus that of the competition. Take a look!