Industrial Curtain Walls for Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops are notoriously grungy – it’s not a lack of maintenance, but simply inherent in the line of work. With oil, grease, rubber, metal debris, and other messy materials, it’s unsurprising that auto repair shops can get a little dingy. But there are some effective ways to keep working conditions as safe and clean as possible. One option is to use

industrial curtain walls

. Curtains not only section off the interior of the shop, keeping jobs separate, but they have plenty of other benefits, as well.

Protect Body Shop Workers and Equipment

Using industrial curtain walls in an auto body shop can maintain safety on the premises. These curtains protect body shop workers from sparks, odors, paint overspray and solvents, dust, debris, and more. For instance, paint booth enclosures can be created using industrial curtains. They contain the paint and fumes so that they don’t go all over your shop. Aside from paint spray booth dividers, industrial curtain walls can be used to keep dust and water where they belong. Protecting both auto shop workers and the equipment within the shop are the best functions of curtain walls.

Custom-Sized, Easy to Install and Move

Industrial curtain walls are great for this sort of application and use due to their customizable options, such as the tracking size and the method of tracking installed. Additionally, they are easy to install and are movable, making them a flexible option to create work areas wherever you need them. AmCraft Manufacturing offers complete systems for setting up curtain walls, including track systems and curtain walls.

Whether you are interested in curtain walls for making paint spray booths, wash bays, car repair shop workspaces, or any other auto body shop needs, our products will fit your needs. Curtain edge options can increase the effectiveness of curtains depending on your needs, and we can also add any logos, lettering, or other graphics to your curtain walls. They can be printed directly onto the vinyl curtain material, but can also be sewn or welded onto the curtain. These durable easy to maintain curtains are an ideal choice; flame rated and HAZMAT safe, they help your shop comply with NESHAP regulations.

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