Industrial Curtain Mounting Options for
Industrial Use

When installing industrial curtains with suspension systems, especially sound attenuation curtains or panels which tend to be heavier, it is recommended that you consider the Unistrut Ceiling Support System. AmCraft provides several industrial curtain mounting options to meet the requirements of many types of structural facilities such as warehouses, autobody shops, data centers and more.

The Unistrut Suspension System is a grid track system that provides flexibility to your design and layout requirements. Unistrut Suspension Systems offer a variety of track options to customize the size or shape of a room. By connecting various rails and corner units, support grids can be installed with suspension cables to create a drop ceiling. The drop ceiling is less cumbersome than track systems mounted directly to the ceiling and provides a smooth draw when opening and closing the curtains. These suspension cables along with the support track can adequately hold extra weight for large industrial curtains and acoustic curtains that sometimes contain heavy mass loaded vinyl. Additionally, the Unistrut Suspension Track System has a wealth of components that can really augment the standard industrial curtain suspension systems.
Industrial curtain mounting options include ceiling mount, wall mount and floor mount. Any size room can be outfitted using industrial curtain mounting options and suspension mount systems.

Room dividers and enclosures can be designed to fit a space to control temperature zones, contain particles and odors and for use as a cleanroom environment. How you will use the space usually dictates the type of industrial curtain mounting options you would require. AmCraft provides design assistance and installation to help you make the right choice for your needs.
AmCraft offers Unistrut and other track options for all types of curtain applications. We can help you choose one that provides optimum stability and flexibility for your needs. Call us today at 847-439-4565.

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