Industrial Divider Curtains: Vision Panels

When a business compartmentalizes different workstations within a larger area,

industrial divider curtains

with a vision panel included have a few additional benefits that help to perform the following functions:
  • Easy oversight of employees and/or operations
  • Standard clear vision panels accommodate the average line of sight
  • Allows natural light and/or light from other areas to enter a workspace
  • “Opens up” the work area while keeping operations in separate “rooms”
  • Industrial curtains with vision panels can be constructed to serve special requirements (food grade, auto body, etc.)

Turn On the “Light”

Not only can curtain dividers protect the interior structural integrity of a workspace, but can also allow natural light to enter an area that would, otherwise, be closed off by permanent, solid walls. Vision panels provide a flexible “window” that stretches the span of the industrial warehouse curtain, permitting light to pass through. The images below are from one of our customers that required separate, private wash bays for various types of vehicles. They wanted to protect the machinery, walls, windows, and built-in shelving units from power washing, maintain retractability, and also have the ability to maximize the use of natural light within each of the bays.

As the renowned American architect, Louis Kahn, once said, “A room is not a room without natural light.” A warehouse industrial curtain with a vision panel provides the ability to conserve energy by allowing sunlight to radiate through the industrial partition curtain.

Room with a View

AmCraft has an industrial warehouse curtain solution that also provides a clear vinyl vision panel within the warehouse curtain divider that will allow warehouse managers and production supervisors to maintain the ability to observe operations, react quickly to emergency safety situations, or manage productivity on an assembly line. Our flexible vision panels offer a clear view into the different areas, even when an area is fully enclosed.

The picture below illustrates an industrial curtain divider project with a vision panel. The customer is a vinyl fabric and plastics manufacturer who needed to confine a specific process within a warehouse curtain enclosure, but also maintain visual access into the area for supervision and worker safety. Our warehouse partition walls with a vision panel created a “room with a view” to provide a means to both contain and to observe the manufacturing process simultaneously.

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