Industrial Insulated Curtains for Aircraft & Aerospace Applications

With the constant air flow and traffic in an aircraft maintenance facility, industrial insulated aircraft curtains are an effective way to divide space to perform aircraft maintenance or other specific duties out of the way of problem areas. An industrial insulated curtain wall or enclosure provides temperature control and privacy for workers. The heavy vinyl curtains with sewn in insulation offer durability and can be fabricated in custom sizes to accommodate large scale air and space vehicle maintenance, whether it is for a commercial or a government application.

The security of an aircraft is assessed with strict procedures for compliance with federal regulations (mandatory technology updates, equipment checks, etc.). This assessment requires highly-skilled technicians to focus on the most tedious of tasks. An insulating industrial divider for hangars and maintenance bays can assist in the comfort of the technicians so they can further ensure all safety standards are accurately checked and standards are met. The aircraft curtains can do so by containing heat / conditioned air and removing visual distractions.

Aircraft Hangar Curtain Partitions for Protection

Aircraft maintenance facilities have a lot of traffic flow, as aircraft vehicles enter into and exit from the hangar bay areas on a continual basis. The large exterior doors open and close several times to allow the passage of helicopters, jets, passenger planes, cargo aircraft, government airplanes, aerospace vehicles, and other modes of air transportation. Testing equipment, technicians/engineers, and maintenance files are all at risk of being damaged, injured, or blown away by the wind and/or elements that come in with the aircraft carriers. In order to protect these operations, aircraft insulated hangar curtains separate the aircraft work areas from each other and from other parts of the hangar that is subject to or the cause of disruption.

An industrial insulated divider would separate different aircraft maintenance processes from each other, providing each technician the ability to focus on their specialty, but also providing a means to open up the space as needed to allow passage of other vehicles, people, or equipment. AmCraft industrial insulated curtains are available in different R values to accommodate temperature differentials at varying levels. Let us take a look at how AmCraft helped an aircraft maintenance facility separate areas in their aircraft hangar.

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Maintenance Repair & Hangar Areas: A Case Study

These images display an aircraft maintenance hangar where the requirement was to divide the maintenance repair area from the main hangar vestibule. Located in an area that receives many different extremes of weather, the customer wished to have the repair area heated for the technicians and to confine the heat to only that area for energy and cost efficiency. Our industrial grade insulated curtains provided the aircraft maintenance area with the temperature separation and confinement that was needed for this project. The aircraft hangar curtains also prevented wind and other natural elements from entering into repair work areas.

Airport & Aerospace Divisions

There are several other ways that an insulated aircraft curtain partition can assist in the airport and aerospace industries. Here are some of the following areas that would benefit from an industrial insulated curtain within a hangar area:
  • Jet and airplane engine disassembly
  • Aircraft engine and parts warehouses
  • Aircraft engine test facilities
  • Aerospace Office/Administration areas
  • Mechanical Work Areas
  • Air Compression Rooms
  • Airplane Staging Areas
  • Aircraft Composite and Coatings Repair Areas
  • A,B,C checkpoint areas
  • Cargo conversion facilities
  • Reconfiguration Station
  • Fuel tank inspections / repair facilities
  • Field Approval Certification Areas
  • Static and dynamic structural testing areas

… and more!

An Insulated Industrial Curtain is a great way to divide space and provide thermal properties for cold / hot air flow control and containment. Sometimes, only a single-layer curtain is necessary for the division of the maintenance bay and hangar areas.

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