Floor Mounting System

Floor Mount Instructions
The floor mount / freestanding mounting system is designed to create a track system that is self-supported and independent of any additional structures.
  1. The floor mount / freestanding connectors will connect two pieces of track together using the attached bracket (shown above). Use the provided set screws to secure tracks into the connector.
  2. The floor mount / freestanding split supports are designed to hold the ends of each track run. They will support the track, but will not connect two track pieces together (shown above).
  3. The floor mount / freestanding column will connect to either the connector or split support at the top, and mount into the baseplate at the bottom.
  4. The column will extend the height of the system to fit the curtain height that you require for your application.
    1. Once all columns and baseplates are in the correct position, with the track set up, baseplates must be secured to the ground. Hardware to do this is not provided by AmCraft manufacturing.
  5. Once you have mounted your track system, you should slide your rollers into place. Make sure that you install an end stop prior to sliding the rollers into the track system. After all the rollers have been installed, put another adjustable end stop into place in order to lock them in.
  6. Since your track runs are independent of any additional structures, you will need to make sure that the rollers are not able to slide off the track system. Adjustable end stops should be used at the ends of the track in order to prevent this occurrence.
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