Noise Containment Enclosures for Industrial Applications

Noise Containment Enclosures for Industrial Applications

Acoustic curtain wall enclosures are used to contain the source of extreme sound in order to shield employees from dangerous noise levels in a variety of workplace situations. An acoustic curtain wall installed within a facility encourages higher productivity by reducing ambient sound to a comfortable and safe level. AmCraft’s industrial sound enclosures can also be used to create an enclosure, to shield an isolated area from surrounding sound distractions and protect that area from a noisy environment.

Acoustic Curtain Wall Enclosure for Noise Containment in the Workplace

One of our customers, an international street sweeper manufacturer, enlisted the assistance of AmCraft to provide a noise containment solution for their truck testing areas. The sound source originated from the vehicle testing area, which produced a considerable level of sound. In order to maintain compliance with OSHA requirements regarding employee safety, the noise level needed to be lower than 85 dB – (at 85 dB, OSHA requires a full hearing conservation program to be in place (29 CFR 1910.95(c-n)). The area originally generated approximately 102 dB at a low frequency, high decibel noise level.

Using AmCraft’s industrial sound enclosure, the customer was able to successfully reduce the noise to 82 dB. Because of the dramatic transmission loss that our acoustic curtain wall enclosure was able to provide, the customer was not subjected Government regulations that would require them to create, implement, and add staffing for a complete hearing conservation program. AmCraft’s acoustic curtain wall enclosure solution saved the company time and money while creating a more comfortable work environment for the employees.

To get an understanding of how our acoustic curtain enclosures are measured, the chart illustrated below provides a good understanding of how significant the transmission loss in decibels is, as perceived to the human ear. The transmission loss was a total of approximately 20 dB, which, according to the chart, is considered about four times softer than the original generated sound level was.

AmCraft customizes noise reduction curtain solutions based on the specific requirements of each customer. Our technical specialists provide the most cost-efficient solution based on your desired outcome. Whether it is a more informal industrial sound containment or a noise enclosure to meet compliance, AmCraft will assist you from “design to end product” to provide the best possible solution for your sound attenuation needs.

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