Noise Control Curtains for the Noisiest Industries

When the top 4 noisiest industries and applications have extended far beyond the hazardous decibel levels, industrial noise control curtains are a formidable solution at greatly reducing the noise. AmCraft offers several industrial sound curtain products that will assist in the cancellation of noise.

Take a look below at the Top 4 Industries of Noise.

1. The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing serves as one of the largest industries in the U.S. It is also the industry with the greatest number of recorded illnesses due to hearing loss – roughly 1 of 9 manufacturing-related injuries. In a large space with many different types of reflective surfaces (metal, glass, etc.), the amount of reverberation coupled with the extreme noise levels of loud machinery create an environment dangerous for the health and safety of workers.

Sound control industrial curtains create barriers that can be moved out of the way to open up a space, or closed, as a way to separate the noise from reaching other areas. Industrial noise control curtain enclosures can also isolate areas and noise at the source. Combined with other industrial sound insulating curtain products, such as acoustic baffles and/or wall panels, absorbing the low frequency sound waves of machinery creates a more comfortable and safe environment for everyone.

2. Construction Industry

When you pass by any construction site, you may notice the sound level to be quite loud. Now imagine being exposed to this on a regular basis. Construction workers, foremen, and even those in the areas surrounding construction sites are exposed to 85dB of sound or higher for long, extended periods of time. A hammer drill, a jackhammer, and other tools have a decibel output of around 115dB! The use of industrial sound curtains to decrease noise to safer levels for construction proves to be an effective solution.

One example is using industrial sound curtains to minimize noise in residential areas during railroad construction. Placing an outdoor barrier along the construction site helps to dampen the source of noise. As railroad workers move along the track, the outdoor sound panels can be re-configured to move along with the source of noise.

Within an industrial park, the construction of new commercial buildings tends to disrupt surrounding businesses. Industrial sound insulation dividers help to alleviate the construction noise by creating temporary industrial noise control partitions.

If you are adding a wing or re-constructing parts of an existing building while a business is still running, it is important to maintain a safe level of noise. In offices, conference areas, hospital rooms, classrooms, hotel rooms, and their occupants are all affected by the sound distractions of construction, ultimately affecting business in one way or another. Industrial noise cancelling curtains would help reduce effects of the sound source and create a more pleasant environment.

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3. Airport Industry

The sound of a jet engine is approximately 140dB in noise level. Imagine several jet engines in one area, being serviced! For aircraft hangar applications, the use of an industrial grade curtain wall for sound control is vital. With sound reducing baffles and noise reducing wall panels absorbing the low frequency sound reflections, the industrial curtains are made to decrease noise levels and absorb longer sound waves in order to reduce the jet engine noise, creating a comfortable working environment for workers and technicians to better service airplanes, helicopters and other aerospace vehicles.

4. Nightlife / Entertainment Industry

A club has loud music that is well above 100dB. A concert venue has well above 100dB in loud, live music (amplifiers, guitars, musicians of all genres). Both venues harbor a great density of people within a limited amount of space. Reverberation bounces off the reflective surfaces, affecting the health and safety of several hundred (and sometimes thousands) of club hoppers, audience members, staff, and fans everywhere.

Sound deadening industrial curtain products, such as baffles and wall panels, will help dampen the noise which permeates through each venue, making the club environment and / or musical experience more enjoyable and comfortable for fans and “clubheads” everywhere.

Noise control curtain options serve various industries across the board for various functions. From classic warehouse applications to entertainment venues, AmCraft has a noise control curtain product for any industry. Contact our technical specialists today for more information at 847-439-4565 or email us at