Paint Overspray Curtain Enclosure

Autobody shops use an overspray curtain enclosure for a clean and effective way to repaint automobiles and trucks that come in for collision repair. The overspray curtain enclosure is used as a paint station for auto detailing as well as auto refurbishing. To be in this business, it is imperative that the area used for painting be clean and free of air borne particles that could stick to the fresh paint. A paint overspray curtain enclosure is the best way to create a workspace for this purpose. The quality of work depends on filtering air particles and restrict contaminates from entering the enclosure as well as prevent air borne particles from circulating inside the enclosure during the paint process.

AmCraft Manufacturing uses Industrial Vinyl Curtains to create the paint spray enclosure. The curtain paint overspray enclosure is usually mounted on a roller track system for easy access into the enclosure, but can also be mounted to a structural beam or ceiling trusses. The air filter on an overspray enclosure is important not only for the cleanliness of the paint job, but also for worker safety. Paint and vapors are contained inside the enclosure with ceiling to floor curtain walls and use air filtration systems inside the enclosure.

AmCraft Manufacturing created a custom air flow filter for this auto detailing company in order to better filter out particles when the air filtration equipment is running. These large air filters were fabricated into the enclosure walls and can be easily removed. The filters allow a minimal air flow through the enclosure in order to limit its vacuum effect when the equipment is running. The filters work to provide better air flow management as well as restricting air borne particles from entering the enclosure.

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