How Industrial Curtain Enclosure Rooms Can Help You

In a commercial or warehouse environment, industrial curtain enclosure rooms can serve multiple functions, for many applications in a wide array of industries across the board. Some of the most used applications of curtain wall enclosures can range from helping you meet government compliance and regulations, to simply creating a separate room in a large open space. The opportunities to use industrial curtains to create these rooms are endless! Read some of our major curtain room enclosure solutions below – as beneficial as these are, there are many more applications for your business!

Automotive Paint Booth Rooms

If you are in the business of painting different types of vehicles, there are several requirements that the automotive paint booth rooms must have in regards to exhaust and filter systems as well as compliant equipment. An automotive paint booth that is made of curtain walls can create a room where there isn’t one, but also takes it to the next level. The paint booth enclosure system has replaceable and compliant filters which are integrated within the curtain’s construction for worker safety and to fit exhaust systems and/or equipment for protection from debris and other contaminants. Custom curtain wall sizing, enclosure ceilings and mounting systems are made to fit your space and existing interior structural elements (trusses, walls, floors, ceilings, etc.).
In many different types of facilities, the noise from machinery, construction, and/or other processes that occur within your workspace have a tendency to do one of two things:
  • Disrupt the workflow, making communication and concentration difficult
  • Ultimately causing health issues in employees, shop workers, and supervisory staff
For both instances, an acoustic enclosure room made from sound-rated material will reduce the decibel level from the sound source, creating a more comfortable work environment and meet OSHA compliance for safe sound levels.
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Loud machinery that is located in a large work area coupled with many reflective surfaces is a dangerous recipe for industrial sound issues. Government regulations determine that any noise level that is 85dB and above requires the facility to integrate a full, comprehensive sound program in order to address these noise levels for health and safety hazards. An acoustic curtain enclosure around the sound source will create a room in which the noise is contained, for the most part. Depending on the frequency level and the decibel output, an acoustical enclosure room has the potential to decrease sound anywhere between 15dB and 45dB!

Consider this – a 20dB reduction is about 4 times quieter than the sound source originally creates. A sound output of 100dB can be reduced to 80dB with an acoustic enclosure, below the required minimum of sound regulations!

How do we know this? A project that we worked on to solve an unwanted noise issue (similar to this example) with low frequency, high decibel sound transference (some of the hardest noises to reduce and contain) has been already accomplished and successfully tested! The time you may spend on integrating an intensive sound program can now be spent on actual business operations instead of preventative measures, because of the use of an acoustic room enclosure.

High Heat Curtain Enclosure Rooms

So you have a high heat application, such as industrial ovens, metal casting processes, the manufacture of metals from their raw materials, and welding facilities… now you are probably wondering, how do I enclose the source of heat with a curtain enclosure? In a large space full of workers and potentially temperature-sensitive components, it is important to maintain a comfortable level of temperature in the work area when high heat processes can range from 200° to 1500°F. A heat curtain enclosure can contain the heat and accommodate any ventilation or exhaust units you may be using to alleviate the high temperatures within the facility.

Welding Curtain Enclosures

You can use weld screens and welding curtains to create a welding curtain enclosure, which will enclose welder workspaces within your industrial area / facility. A semi-transparent vinyl weld screen creates the viewing “window”. This will allow management, trainees, and/or other employees to carefully observe and examine the welding process from the other side of the welding curtain enclosure without risking the eye damage of flash burns, welding arc, UV light, and sparks.

The list of reasons why an industrial curtain enclosure room will benefit your business is evident. The following are just some of the ways to isolate your work areas:

  • Edge sealing techniques
  • Curtain enclosure construction tailored for food processing facilities
  • Insulated industrial curtain enclosures
  • Creating curtain enclosure rooms within a larger room in a cost-efficient way

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