Putting Industrial Curtains to Work in Commercial Barns

For much of human history, agricultural duties have been performed on a small scale. In the 20th century, technology transformed agriculture into a highly specialized industry that is largely executed on a commercial scale to this day.

Commercial barns allow farmers to produce fruits, vegetables and grains and care for livestock en masse. However, that kind of scale requires careful management of the conditions within the barn. How can industrial curtains be used in different types of commercial barns?

Commercial Barn

Commercial Barn Uses

Commercial barns are larger, industrial facilities designed for specific purposes. Common products that are housed in these buildings include:

  • Produce. Farms growing large crops of produce, whether fruit or vegetables, need a commercial barn for conditioning and storing products. These barns can also store equipment necessary for farm operations, such as harvesting.
  • Dairy. Dairy farms need the space to care for the large number of cows responsible for milk production. Commercial dairy farms need areas for operations like milking and the birth of calves
  • Poultry. Chicken farmers need a commercial barn with precisely controlled environmental conditions to maximize poultry production.
  • Livestock. Livestock, like cattle, is another area of food production that requires a commercial barn. Like a dairy barn, a livestock barn needs the space to raise and pen animals.
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Why Division of Space Matters

Commercial agriculture requires efficient production, whether that means growing the largest crop possible or managing a high number of animals, supported by precise control. Commercial barns are not simply large, wide-open facilities. Farmers need commercial barns to account for factors like:

  • Precise temperature control inside of a commercial barn keeps products from spoiling and keeps animals safe and comfortable. Different areas of a barn may need to be kept at different temperatures.
  • The way air moves throughout a commercial agriculture facility is another important consideration for product integrity and animal safety. Facility design and fans play a role in ventilation, as does the way the facility’s available space is separated.
  • Commercial barns also need separate areas for different operations. For example, animals need to be kept apart from processing equipment.
  • Contaminant control. Industrial curtains are also a proven way of creating contamination free environments. A great economical alternative to more expensive hard wall structures, these curtains can ensure produce, meat, and other agricultural elements are kept in separate controlled spaces to avoid cross contamination.
Commercial Barn Curtain

How Industrial Curtain Walls Can Help

Commercial barns can, of course, have solid walls in place, but this is not always practical if you are reorganizing or expanding your operations. Industrial curtain walls offer a cost-effective solution for managing temperature and airflow in separate spaces within barns.

You have the option of installing single-ply curtains or insulated barn curtains in a retractable or stationary configuration. In either scenario, curtains have add-on’s, or options, that will make the curtain airtight. Floor sweeps, Velcro or magnet edges, valances, and filler panels ensure that the curtain can fit tightly to whatever structure you have in place.

Industrial curtains are made of durable and easy-to-clean material, qualities essential for life in a commercial barn. Curtain materials that are anti-microbial and food grade are also offered, to meet additional specifications required in different processing applications. Hardware systems are offered in galvanized steel and stainless steel, as well.

Installed to meet your needs, commercial barn curtains can improve energy efficiency by managing airflow and temperature and protect products, animals, and equipment from the elements.

Learn more about how AmCraft can help you create a custom industrial curtain system for your commercial barn.