Retractable Acoustic Curtains

AmCraft Manufacturing has engineered a new

retractable acoustic curtain

option for insulated curtains used in the workplace. Our unique design is lightweight and easy to retract on an industrial roller track system. We developed an acoustic curtain design that is lightweight, folds to a smaller footprint, and offers better accessibility to work areas. Acoustic curtains are typically used to reduce noise levels generated by heavy equipment that becomes amplified in large spaces. Customers have asked us for a solution that would reduce the decibel levels of noisy equipment in their shop to meet or exceed government regulations for employee safety. The level of occupational noise reduction you will need for your facility is determined by first taking a decibel reading of the immediate and surrounding areas. The loudest noise level point is the amount of noise reduction you will need for compliance. Osha regulation noise level limits can be found here.

AmCraft’s designer and engineers created a retractable acoustic curtain with a pattern that incorporates the insulated panels in such a way to allow the curtain to fully retract to the wall, using much less space than typical insulated curtain patterns. AmCraft’s retractable acoustic curtains are more lightweight and easier to use than many other acoustic curtains on the market today.

AmCraft’s acoustic curtains options provide noise reducing protection you need in sizes and colors to fit your facility. Call us today at 847-439-4565 for more information.

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