Retractable Insulated Industrial Curtains: R-Value

The most effective retractable

insulated industrial curtains

combine the appropriate level of insulation and airtight edge sealing techniques for your workplace requirements. The level of insulation – expressed in a numerical value – is a thermal property called R-Value. Whether it is for employee safety or temperature control, thermal insulated curtains are rated with an R-value based on the R-value of the materials used to fabricate insulated curtains.

Two steps that determine which R-value is used for Insulated Industrial Curtains:

  • Temperature differential between temperature-controlled areas and the overall ambient temperature.
  • Proper edge sealing techniques custom to your facility.
An R value represents the insulation property of certain types of material that have a numerical value. This numerical scale system is used to determine the correct amount of insulation necessary to properly regulate heat/cooling loss and heat migration. AmCraft manufactures R-value insulated curtains for a variety of applications in the workplace. The requirements of your temperature control situation will determine which insulated curtain will work best: light insulation (R1-R4, temperature differential up to 10-15°), medium insulation (R8-R15, temperature differential up to 25°) and heavy insulation (R15-R27, temperature differential up to 40°). AmCraft manufactures retractable insulated curtains that have R-values ranging from R1 (lightest) to R10 (heaviest).
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R-value is used to determine thermal properties for Retractable Insulated Curtains Customers.

We recently had a customer who required an insulated industrial curtain to have a considerable R-value for its extreme thermal specification. When AmCraft presented the customer with our highest R-value rating in the retractable insulated curtain series – R10 – they informed us that AmCraft is the only company within his research which offers an R-10 Retractable Insulated Curtain. This was an important find for the warehouse manager to bring to his boss. Both realized that AmCraft not only had what they were looking for, but were the only company that could help them.

AmCraft’s Insulated Industrial Curtains Lead the Way in Product Solutions

AmCraft Manufacturing is always developing new ways to manufacture products, such as our industrial retractable insulated curtains. Our interest in innovation and pursuit to provide the best industrial insulation curtain concepts create an environment in which creative ideas make custom applications a reality in the workplace. Our product/ engineering crews continue to enhance our design and functional capabilities so that AmCraft is able to provide customers with temperature control solutions that press the limits of industrial insulated curtain products. Our interest in solving customer problems allow us to rapidly push our industry forward and expand our product options for temperature control needs in businesses large and small.