Sound Blocking Acoustic Curtains are Retractable for Accessibility

Sound blocking

acoustic curtains

are retractable for accessibility and easy use in any environment and industrial application. AmCraft manufactures sound absorbing acoustic curtains with insulation to block and/or absorb sound energy. Most often both sound absorbing materials and sound blocking materials are combined to form a sound attenuation panel or sound attenuation curtain to reduce workplace noise.

In order to accomplish retractability, the sound blocking and sound absorbing materials are cut into sections and encased in a thinner, more flexible material that folds to retract into a small space.

This is especially helpful when sound reduction is necessary in a flexible way, the acoustic curtain panels are opened and closed as needed, without taking up a lot of space. Additionally, velcro separations can be placed between any or all of the sound absorbing panels to build in accessibility and flexibility around the unwanted noise source.

If you have sufficient space for thicker sound absorbing curtain panels you can use 3″ thick panel insulation which will increase the sound blocking capacity. However, this thicker panel option does limit how far the acoustic curtains can retract to a space. With 3″ thick panels your sound reduction curtain panel will only retract partially, not flush against a wall.

The retracting acoustic curtain can be used in many applications of noise reduction in the workplace. The insulated acoustic curtain also helps to maintain consistent temperatures and noise control contained inside an acoustic curtain enclosure, or protects the acoustic curtain work area from outside influences. If you have a situation in which noise reduction is performed intermittently, you want to consider a retractable acoustic curtain as a sound barrier. Another situation that would warrant a retractable sound barrier is equipment that may need frequent servicing or an extreme amount of accessibility from numerous directions.

AmCraft’s retractable noise control barrier curtain works with our standard steel track and roller system. This roller track system can be suspended from from any type of interior ceiling or wall. With straight track, standard 24″ radius curves and larger curves almost any configuration can be achieved.

Standard acoustic curtain panel sizes are 13″ or 27″ wide. When retracted, 13″ panels will form a stack that is 13″- 14″ wide, by approximately 15% of their extended length. When retracted, 27″ acoustic curtain panels will form a stack that is 27″- 28″ wide by approximately 8% of their extended length. For more information visit our webpage: AmCraft

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