The Age of Automation in Manufacturing: Is There Still Space for the Human Touch?

We live in a time where the presence of computers is becoming more and more apparent in our daily lives. ATM machines dispense money, instead of a personal banker. Traffic cameras at stop lights issue tickets, instead of police officers. It is harder and harder to find a company that answers their own phones, instead of an automated reception system. These changes and evolutions are increasingly apparent in the manufacturing sector, as well. In an industry that could very easily start to slide down the slippery slope of automation, AmCraft Manufacturing makes it a point to continue adding the “human touch” to both its products and its customer interactions.

We want our customers to feel a connection with us, right from their first conversation with us. During normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) our phone is always answered by a friendly employee, ready to assist the customer on the other end of the line. If the person who answers the phone cannot help with that customer’s request, then they can certainly help seek out the person who can.

Throughout the process of designing their curtainwall system, each customer is assigned a designated sales representative. Should that sales associate be out of the office, then our sales manager typically steps in to help during that time. We want to ensure that no customer feels unheard, and that their needs are always being met. This pattern continues from the sales and design phase all the way through to shipping and billing. Each department at AmCraft is staffed by human employees who give their best each day for our customers.

Curtains human touch

Our esteemed owner and president, Mark Deutsch, is quoted as saying, “People are our greatest asset and our greatest challenge”. Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, errors do happen. This, as well, is part of the “human element” at AmCraft Manufacturing. Occasionally a project is quoted incorrectly, a curtain can be fabricated to the wrong size, or a shipment can go out to the wrong facility. While we always strive to give the best customer service possible, mistakes do happen, despite the best of intentions.

However, here again, the human element saves us. If a customer experiences a problem, they can call in and be directly connected to an employee who can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot the issue. Whether that amounts to a corrected product being made and shipped, a billing discrepancy resolved, or any other issue, we always aim to fix our mistakes quickly and to keep our customer in the loop throughout the entire process.

It would be easy to take each time a mistake is made and use it to build a case for additional automation. However, we at AmCraft feel that this is a slippery slope; and one from which companies typically do not come back from. While we always want to grow, modernize, and improve, we also want to maintain our core. We hear it over and over again from customers all over the country, the human touch that AmCraft offers, from start to finish, is one of the most refreshing and vital services that we offer.

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