Advantages of Using Insulated Curtains

The seasons come and go, but the demand for thermal warehouse curtains remains the same – only the uses and applications for the insulated walls change. An insulated warehouse curtain that was used to keep extremely cold temperatures out and the comfortably warm heating within a workspace now can be designed to control several different temperature zones within a large facility.

Mother’s Day season is approaching

As the weather gets warmer, Mother’s day comes closer and the demand for the “perfect floral arrangement,” the perfect cake, and the perfect box of chocolates increases exponentially. Companies and corporations prepare months in advance for this time of the year, making sure all necessary measures are considered in lieu of this important commemoration of mothers everywhere. This is where our insulated warehouse curtains come into play.

A flower production plant that grows and stores these mother’s day floral arrangements require a constant ambient temperature with little to no variation. In order to control the temperature of this area, our thermal industrial curtains can act as a thermal barrier between areas. The thermal insulation properties help maintain temperatures to the required degrees and remain constant to protect the longevity of the flowers. This is not only important to deliver the beautiful flowers at the right time, but helps to make the company more profitable.

Not all flowers should be stored at the same temperatures. More tropical arrangements may require a higher temperature, or even a higher humidity level for the proper, ideal floral storage area. AmCraft manufactures a thermal warehouse curtain wall that can be used as a wall to separate these areas or in a refrigeration unit to contain temperature requirements, when used with proper edge sealing techniques. Available in light, medium, and heavy insulation levels (each corresponding to a specific R-value level of insulation), our insulated warehouse dividers give you the flexibility to curtain off different areas to provide perfect temperature differentials to each storage area.

Memorial Day on the Grill…

Also as the weather gets warmer, the thought of outdoor grilling comes into season, as well. Hot dogs, burgers, chicken, and all various types of meats are generally stored in freezer and refrigeration units in preparation for Memorial Day festivities. A distribution company or meat packaging company would use AmCraft’s thermal industrial curtains in order to provide heavy insulation level for insulated warehouse curtain walls, which have R-values up to 27. These industrial rigid thermal walls provide maximum insulation values for freezer and refrigerated storage while maintaining a temperature division between two separate areas that is necessary to the specific refrigeration requirements of a multitude of products.

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