Three Benefits of Using Retractable Curtain Walls

If you’re considering installing industrial curtain walls in your workspace, you’ve likely already researched their benefits and functions and know what they can add to your space. They’re non-permanent which makes them an ideal choice for areas that may shift in functionality with time, and they allow larger spaces to be sectioned off for different departments or jobs. Past the somewhat more obvious benefits of simply having industrial curtains, the fact that they are retractable can offer its own set of benefits.


A lot of the industries that use curtain walls perform jobs that are either messy, loud, dangerous, or some combination of all three. Installing retractable curtain walls can add a level of safety that standard walls can’t offer. For example, the areas surrounding the curtain-enclosed can become contaminated with the materials used within—chemicals, oils, and other matter that may cause problems with not only cleanliness but also employees’ respiratory systems. Particles can get in the air and into people’s lungs, but even less serious complications with airborne particles, like contaminating other projects or getting equipment dirty, can be mitigated with retractable curtains. They also offer the potential for ventilation if necessary, since they can be immediately pulled back.

Privacy for Classified Projects

Some of your business’ projects may require privacy or secrecy, and if you work on them out in the open while ever having visitors to your workplace, there’s always the risk of your projects being seen, copied, or stolen. Retractable industrial curtains give you not only the safety you need within the space you’re working on your project, but also privacy. Keep those secret projects behind closed doors, so to speak. Because the curtains are retractable, however, they’re perfect for showing off a project to a group, presentation-style. This allows you the privacy you need when you want it, but also allows you to open up a workspace to present the projects you’ve been working on. Engage your employees by showing the progress your team is making.

Saving Energy

Retractable curtains can also help you save energy and save money on heating and cooling costs within your workspace. For instance, if the project you’re working on requires a warmer or cooler temperature than the rest of your building, retractable curtains can enclose the space and hold it at a different temperature, rather than paying extra to change the temperature of the entire area. Retractability means that you won’t have to always keep that space a different temperature, either—so you’ll save money both on not changing the temperature of a large space, as well as not changing the temperature of the small space – a win-win situation.

Industrial wall curtains are used in a number of different industries, but the fact that they can be retracted offers even more benefits than if the curtains weren’t retractable. The level of impermanence is ideal for many businesses, and the additional safety, privacy, and energy efficiency are all benefits when considering retractable curtains. Contact AmCraft if you have any questions or would like to learn more about industrial wall curtains.

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