The Top 5 Benefits of Insulated Curtains

Whether in the dead of winter, or the middle of summer, it is always a great idea to prepare your facility for the rise and fall of extreme temperatures. Insulated curtains can be highly beneficial to industries that wish to control the temperature variances in their facility. You will find in many situations, especially in temperature sensitive areas, that it is essential to have industrial grade temperature control dividers to separate higher degree differentials.
Many different industries benefit from the use of insulated curtains. Businesses with loading docks, food storage facilities, and those wishing to create temperature variation within their personal workspaces in their garage greatly benefit from using insulated curtains.

Here are the top five benefits of utilizing insulated curtains in your day-to-day business operations.

Cleaning and Durability

The first benefit of an insulated curtain is its ease of cleaning and its durability. These properties make it a great fit in industrial environments. The outer layers of our insulated curtains are made of vinyl which is a naturally soft, waterproof fabric that is easy to wash down. The material will not absorb liquids and stains, so cleaning should not be needed often. To clean the curtain, simply use a mild detergent and water. With the clean look and insulation property this curtain provides, your sealed off work area will have a very professional and effective barrier between your business operations.
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Insulation Levels

Another benefit of the insulated curtain is the level of insulation that the curtain provides. Insulated industrial curtain walls assist with retaining the climate requirements necessary to store and produce temperature- sensitive products. A single layer curtain will have an R value of 1; that is the equivalent of placing a lid on a Styrofoam Coffee Cup. By adding insulation to the curtain you will have a higher R value, the ability to better insulate, and be able to separate temperature zones within your facility.

The effectiveness of an insulated curtain wall is dependent upon on all of the edges being sealed and effectively containing heated or cooled air. An HVAC technician can confirm that your heating or cooling system has the capacity to deliver a sufficient volume of air heated or cooled to a reasonably higher or lower temperature than is required inside of your enclosure. These factors along with an insulated curtain with the appropriate R value can greatly increase your ability to control and maintain temperature in a given area. In addition to separating temperature zones inside a larger space, these curtains also work as a temperature barrier from outside elements, so as long as they are not hanging outside the vinyl outer layer provides a waterproof surface. The insulation used inside the insulated curtains is made from a non-fiberglass, polyfiber insulation. This material is loosely bound, flexible, soft, and allows air space within it. Air is a great insulator, so the fact that the insulation allows for this adds to the insulation value of the overall curtain.


A third benefit of insulated curtains is flexibility. Insulated curtains can be used according to the spatial or seasonal needs in your facility. Whether you need to create an enclosure for total temperature control, create a barrier wall to isolate an area, or create access into climate sensitive manufacturing and distribution facilities, a retractable insulated curtain is a great solution. They can be easily removed at any time depending on the needs of your business. Whether you need to open up your enclosure when you need more space, or only need an insulated curtain during warmer or cooler months, the option is yours.

Sound Absorption

A fourth benefit of an insulated curtain is the sound absorption that it will provide in the facility. This is ideal for machinery that is loud and requires to be in a certain temperature, but is not required to be in an open area of the facility.


At Amcraft Manufacturing we fabricate high quality insulated curtains. Each curtain is tailored to the specific needs of our customers. For example, when we sew Velcro onto a curtain, it is reinforced with 4 lines of sewing. AmCraft Manufacturing can customize your curtain because we manufacture them where we sell them giving us ultimate control over all aspects of the manufacturing process. This allows us to oversee the quality of each curtain as it is made.

It is very important to remember to order before the first week of freezing temperatures, as it can take a couple of weeks to produce. Even with seasonal weather, it can work in your facility 10 months out of the year as the weather shifts. If temperatures on Side A and Side B of your curtain wall area have a temperature differential of greater than 8 degrees, it is time to consider using an insulated curtain! From the dimensions to the mounting method, and everything in between, curtains can be customized to fit your exact needs. A retractable insulated industrial curtain will satisfy these requirements and provide you with a solution that addresses space division and insulation issues without breaking the bank or slowing operations for months due to construction time.
Contact us about your insulated curtain needs before the weather makes you wish you had one.