Why Use Acoustic Curtains?

Acoustic curtains are manufactured for reducing noise throughout a specific work area. At AmCraft Manufacturing, we offer a variety of

acoustic curtains,

including noise separators, noise enclosures, and noise control baffle systems. These curtains can work for OSHA compliance situations as well as informal noise containment, and can provide great benefits for the spaces they’re used in. If you’re unsure if your workspace needs acoustic curtains, read on to learn more about them.

Benefits of Acoustic Curtains

Excessive noise in any workplace can be detrimental to productivity. In addition to being distracting, noise can also be harmful to an employee’s health: nagging headaches, high blood pressure, and anxiety can be exacerbated when one is subjected to prolonged periods of time in loud environments. Hearing loss is a common problem for employees who work in such conditions.

Acoustic curtains and noise control systems can help with the above mentioned issues a great deal. Acoustic baffle systems reduce the echo and reverberation in a loud venue or space, which is helpful for areas where “sound bouncing” is prevalent, such as areas made with drywall, glass, tile, and other materials that allow sound to resonate for a long period of time. Additionally, acoustic curtains allow for a more efficient use of space: you can create separate work areas when sound is effectively blocked, ensuring better, safer working conditions for your employees.

Differences Between Enclosures, Separators & Control Systems

There are different levels of sound-cancelling acoustic curtains. At AmCraft, we offer noise enclosures, noise separators, and noise control baffle systems.

Noise enclosures create complete of room-type areas used to confine a source of sound, or to confine a quiet area. Enclosures prevent a substantial percentage of noise from leaving or from entering the enclosure. This is ideal in industrial settings where machinery is very loud, as it shields employees from having to listen to the sound all day long.

Noise separators are used for creating a barrier between one space and another, allowing the sound to keep from disrupting the neighboring area. A typical use for this is in a sports facility where courts near each other need to be kept separate.

Finally noise control baffle systems are used to absorb noise in areas prone to high decibel sound sources. Sound-absorbing wall panels, acoustic baffles, and flexible acoustic banners all help lessen echo and reverberation within an area.

Which product will be best for your space depends on your specific needs. Call AmCraft today for more information about noise reducing solutions at 847-439-4565 or email at sales@amcraftonline.com.

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