Why Should You Use Insulated Curtains?

If you work in an industrial setting, whether it’s an auto shop, a warehouse, or a similar situation, insulated curtains may offer a number of great benefits for your operations. Insulated curtains from AmCraft Manufacturing are available in a variety of different thicknesses and insulation levels, providing you with the option to find the best curtain for your specific needs. Not only do

insulated curtains

offer exceptional temperature control, allowing for better or more versatile use of your space, but they can also help you save money on utilities because of their temperature-controlling capabilities.

Separate Different Temperature Zones

There are a number of reasons why you might need to have different parts of your warehouse kept at different temperatures. For instance, if you work in the food industry, you might need to have refrigerated foods held at a different temperature than dry product or packaged goods. If you default method is to simply keep the temperature at the lowest temperature point it needs to be to keep your products safe, you’re wasting a great deal of energy and money cooling the areas that don’t necessarily need to be cooled. Likewise, if you use a curtain to separate the outdoor elements from inside your building, you can easily control the temperature difference between the two environments and avoid having to alter your climate control more frequently.

Save Money on Utilities

Naturally, being able to separate different temperature zones will lead to a number of savings opportunities on your utility bills. Maintaining temperatures in different parts of your space is much easier when using insulated curtains, and not needing to use your utilities to compensate for the area that needs a different climate can save you a lot of money. Imagine being able to keep one section of your warehouse at the necessary 60 degrees while allowing the rest of the space to maintain a more reasonable room temperature. In small offices and areas, even a couple degrees difference can bring major savings. In comparison to a larger space (like a warehouse), the same couple of degrees will result in savings that are even more significant. Save money and enjoy more versatile usage of your warehouse or business space by using insulated curtains.

AmCraft offers products of light, medium, and heavy insulation, with different thicknesses that will match up to your specific needs. Contact us today for more information at 847-439-4565 or email us at sales@amcraftonline.com.

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