Why Should You Be Using Acoustic Curtains?

Keeping noise from permeating an entire space can seem like a tough thing to do, especially in industrial settings. Sure, industrial curtains can be installed, but unless they are

acoustic curtains,

they won’t do much about absorbing sound. There are a few reasons why acoustic curtains are great for these sorts of settings, and there are some areas where you may not even think of using acoustic curtains that could benefit from their presence.

Main Benefit of Using Acoustic Curtains

You may already be aware of OSHA regulations regarding employees being exposed to loud noises, but if not, it’s important to familiarize yourself with them so that your place of business is safe and legal for workers. Of course, one of the benefits of using acoustic curtain systems is that they create a sound barrier to the noise from polluting areas where the noise-making activity is not taking place. One way to check if noise levels are problematic is to simply observe workplace behavior. If noise levels are above 80 decibels (dB), people will have to speak very loudly to hear one another. From 85-90dB, people will have to shout, and at levels greater than 95dB, people have to move close together to hear each other speak at all. The main benefit of using acoustic curtains, of course, is to maintain a manageable, safe level of sound for workers.

Best Applications

The best applications for acoustic curtain panels include businesses where warehouse space is shared and one space is louder than another, or a place where loud construction is taking place, such as an office building. Acoustic sound-reduction curtains can be static or temporary, meaning you can install them as permanent fixtures if the noise will always be an issue, or you can install them for a short period of time and remove them when the sound issues have been resolved. Industrial acoustic panels are very versatile, even available in retractable models for temporarily retracting an otherwise permanent curtain.

How to Find the Best Curtain

There are different types of acoustic industrial curtains available, of course. You’ll need to assess a few things before you choose the type you want—for instance, the higher the noise level, the thicker your acoustic curtains will need to be. If you aren’t sure what the decibel level of your noise is, you can do a test and seek out a recommendation based on that level of noise. Of course, permanent structural changes in settings where the noise is constant are best, however, we know that’s not in everyone’s budget. Acoustic Curtains from AmCraft are a cost effective way to resolve excessive workplace noise for compliance to OSHA safety levels.

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