Warehouse Curtains divide spaces
for temperature control

One of the greatest needs for warehouse curtains is to divide spaces for temperature control . A large warehouse typically is built as one large room, with high ceilings and dock doors. While this layout works well for housing large pieces of equipment, shelving units or stored goods, it is not very energy efficient. With the high cost of heating and air conditioning, a solution is necessary to contain temperature zones of specific areas within the warehouse to create improved energy efficiencies.
Many warehouse facilities have dock doors that are opened throughout the day which makes control of the air temperature that much harder to control and maintain. Whether in warm, cold, humid or dry weather, this constant exposure to outdoor elements makes a warehouse not only uncomfortable for employees, but can affect or damage goods inside the facility.
How to Use Thermal Curtains
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Warehouse curtains offer control over the indoor temperature and air flow from the outside. Warehouse curtain walls act as a warehouse room divider and provides a barrier wall that contains temperature to a specific area. Warehouse curtains are typically mounted to structural beams or ceiling trusses, and our roller track system allows for flexibility in how the curtains are used. Curtain walls can be retracted at any time to allow passage for moving large items and include strip curtain doors for passage of personnel and fork lifts. Industrial curtain valances fill spaces from the ceiling to the curtain track system to create a custom fit enclosure.

Warehouse curtains are an economical and flexible solution to containing warehouse space. The curtain and track systems can easily be moved or repositioned as needs change. It is best to use a professional and licensed installer for the installation of large warehouse curtain walls. AmCraft industrial warehouse curtains are constructed using heavy pvc material with sewn and rf welded edges for long lasting durability. The vinyl material is easy to clean by wiping down with soft cloths and simple cleaners.