Warehouse Curtains for Temperature Controlled Areas

Warehouse curtain walls are an economical and effective way to meet these specifics within many industries. In order to maintain material compliance to satisfy the regulatory temperature compliance that the FDA requires, a single layer, vinyl divider curtain serves as a customizable solution for dividing large spaces. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has specific requirements for the storage of drug and/or cosmetic products. Some of the general requirements can be found in the following link:
For pharmaceutical storage, the ideal controlled room temperature would be between 68°F and 77°F in order to guarantee product integrity. For cosmetics, the ideal storage temperature between 46°F and 54°F. Both instances require a non-humid environment in order to maintain the integrity of the product.

Industrial Curtain Divider in Action

AmCraft recently worked on a project with a company to monitor temperature in relation to the FDA requirements specific to consumer goods (a tooth whitener product) that needed to be stored in a safe and controlled manner. The company needed to monitor fluctuations of temperature in a given time period and how it effects the integrity of the product. Since both cosmetics and drug components may be stored in the same area, it was the company’s responsibility to maintain compliance with both sets of FDA regulations.

The designated area in which they planned to do this was in a 13,500 square foot open area of their warehouse. The project goal was to create several areas separated with industrial curtain divider walls. The industrial curtains designed by AmCraft’s engineers made with climate control properties included filler panels and valances. The design allowed for sealing off the edges in order to create an airtight, temperature-separated area. The curtain enclosure created a temperature controlled barrier and eliminated external airflow from entering each area.

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Minimal air flow within monitored temperature areas

Access points in which both forklifts and people would be able to enter were also required. The material used for the access points are made of clear, PVC vinyl strips that allow easy access through the curtain enclosure and preserve the original function of a warehouse curtain wall. This easy entry and exit point is used so that retraction of an entire wall is not necessary. The combination of warehouse curtain walls and strip doors meet the temperature zoning requirements needed for proper monitoring.

The separation of temperature zones within a larger space was made easier with the utilization of warehouse curtains. Warehouse Curtains are a great way to create new walls where there previously were none, just an open space. In accordance with FDA requirements, the storage of certain drug and cosmetic products is now completed by using Warehouse Curtains to control and maintain temperatures at accepted levels in order to comply with regulatory requirements. AmCraft’s warehouse curtain divider solution served as a custom and effective wall barrier for preventing outside airflow from drastically affecting temperature zones inside the enclosure.

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