Warehouse Divider Curtains create Separate Work Areas

Warehouse Divider Curtains

are an effective and cost efficient way to separate large warehouse spaces into contained work areas. Industrial Curtain Walls are mounted from a ceiling support and/or track system to any room size and configuration, Attach warehouse divider curtains to floors and walls to create an enclosure to control temperature variances, provide particle and odor containment, and to create new, accessible rooms or enclosure within a large production environment.

BFC, an integrated print management company had to create a work area for it’s kit packaging division and was faced with numerous options, including the construction of structural walls and doorways. In their research, BFC found AmCraft Manufacturing could frame out a space within the warehouse to hang industrial curtains and create doorways for personnel and forklift access. Strip curtains were used in the metal framed doorways and industrial vinyl curtains were hung from the existing ceiling structure to create the walled room. Metal framing at the bottom provided stability for the large structure and to enclose the new work area.

The decision to build an Industrial Curtain Enclosure was economical as well as practical. The curtain walls were much less expensive and time consuming than to construct a permanent room. Industrial Curtain Track Systems provided flexibility in how the curtains are used; as retractable walls or as removable, movable systems to create new work spaces in other areas of the building. To satisfy long term goals and economies, Industrial Curtain Walls were preferred because they can be easily modified if expansion of the enclosure becomes necessary. The pictures above show the extreme height, width and overall size that was attained using curtain walls to divide BFC’s large warehouse space.

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