5 Steps to an Instant Warehouse Makeover Using Industrial Warehouse Curtains

The cost to remodel your existing warehouse can climb upwards to the tens of thousands depending on the desired layout of your facility. New construction build-outs can be equally expensive as the site has to be completely re-configured to suit your company’s specifications. If you are looking to create an instant transformation that will give your warehouse space a whole new look without significantly impacting your bottom line; then here are five steps you can take right now using industrial warehouse curtains.

Step One: Decide How You Would Like Your Industrial Curtain to Function

There are a variety of reasons to use an industrial warehouse curtain in your facility. Your first step in this process is to decide the goal of this curtain in your facility. Are you looking to divide your warehouse in order to separate temperature zones? If so, you may want to consider a thermally insulated curtains. Perhaps you are looking to block a manufacturing process visually so that visitors cannot see into that area. In that case, a solid colored, single layer curtain would be the best fit. Should you need to dampen or absorb sound in your facility, or enclose machinery for noise purposes, an acoustic curtain may be the way to go. Whatever the reason, it is an important first step to identify the function of the industrial curtain wall and the location you’d like it to be placed in.

Step Two: Choose a Color

Industrial warehouse curtains come in an array of colors from sleek and modern neutral tones to eye-catching tones that are both bold and bright. The amount of color options available will allow you to match your industrial curtain wall to your warehouse or your company colors. A logo can also be applied to your industrial curtain for further customization and branding.
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Step Three: Measure Up

Industrial warehouse curtains are made to your size specifications, so it is important to measure the space that you’d like the curtains to cover. In terms of width, you should measure out the raw opening that you want the industrial curtains to encompass. This can be between two walls, spanning vertical columns, or in a totally open area. When you measure the width, make sure to note any structural members that you’d like the industrial curtain wall to include or spatial constraints that it will need to work within.

In terms of height, it is important to measure the height from your floor to you ceiling. If you have a sloped ceiling, you should measure the heights at the lowest point and the highest point. Additionally, if you do not want your industrial warehouse curtain to go all the way up to your ceiling, please measure the height that you do want the curtains to run to.

Step Four: Accessorize

There are a variety of accessories and add-ons available for your industrial warehouse curtain. If it is important that your industrial curtain wall is air tight, you will want to consider adding a filler panel, floor sweep, valance, or velcro edge sealing as needed. If you are concerned about your curtain wall blowing around due to ventilation or winds in your facility, D-ring tie downs or a chain weighted bottom could be valuable assets. Additionally, putting a vision panel or a logo into your industrial curtain are other options that will subtly add a more aesthetically pleasing design to your warehouse space.
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Step Five: Install

Most facilities that purchase industrial warehouse curtains install them on their own. The curtain and track systems are designed for user friendly installation. However, if your facility does not have the capacity or does not feel comfortable installing this system, you can use a recommended installer in your area.

Industrial curtains can instantly improve functionality and enhance the layout of your warehouse. AmCraft Manufacturing offers an incredible tool that guides you through the steps needed to help you create a curtain wall system that is customized specifically for your warehouse needs.

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